X Factor USA spoilers may be finally working their way out to the Internet. If you’d rather be completely surprised then stop reading right now and don’t go any further on this post. Otherwise…

Update: We have the real 2011 Top 32 finalists results, no need for these spoilers.

Now these are possibly as accurate as a blind guess, but since it’s just speculation these “spoilers” should be considered “just for fun.” According to a poster on an Idol forum the list of who made it past the live auditions has been greatly narrowed down through the Boot Camp phase which starts up this week. The singers who survive Boot Camp will then go on to the Judges Homes for the next phase.

You can check out the full list of X Factor singers collected from the auditions phases and see if your favorites allegedly made it on through to the next stage. There are even rumors for that part of the show and these make sense. Supposedly, Simon was assigned “The Girls” (young, solo females). Paula gets “The Boys” (young, solo males). LA gets “The Oldies” (anyone over 30). Then Nicole rounds it out with “The Groups.”

We’ll know more soon when The X Factor returns this Wednesday and Thursday.

Source: IdolForums.com via MJs Big Blog

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