X Factor 2012 judges

The XFactor is back tonight for its final round of auditions before heading in to the next phase, Boot Camp. The show should pick right back up where it left off in San Fransisco where the overly confident 13-year old Trevor found himself in need of medical attention. I was shocked, shocked I tell you, to find out a dramatic, attention-seeking contestant had gotten caught up in such a “look at me!” moment. Gee, I’m sure that all happened so naturally. I imagine he’ll recover just in time to move on and annoy us me again this season.

Since we’re not dealing with fixed numbers like we do on The Voice it’s hard to tell just how many more singers are needed to fill out the Boot Camp phase of the show but tonight’s X Factor will be limited to just one hour.

I’m still not a fan of the big-stage audition method so I’m looking forward to the more intimate set up in the Boot Camp portion. It’ll also be interesting to see which judge gets which team and how the new judges, Britney and Demi, handle the responsibility.

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