On Thursday night’s episode of X Factor 2012, two more acts went home, but they weren’t exactly the two acts I thought would be going home.

OK, I expected one, but not the other. Paige Thomas and Vino Alan were eliminated and while I sort of expected Paige to be in danger, I was surprised by Vino’s quick fall from third place.

This week the producers decided to get right down to business as all the acts were called on stage and Paige was eliminated right away. The rest of the results were put on hold as X Factor Season One runner-up Josh Krajcik returned to the stage for a performance. And it was a good performance. I’m actually going to look up the song as soon as I’m done writing.

After Josh’s performance, it’s time to find out who is going straight through into the Top 6. The acts and their mentors are brought on stage in typical dramatic fashion and the results begin. Fifth Harmony was the first act sent to safety, followed by CeCe Frey. Not many of us were expecting her to be sent to safety. Emblem 3 and Carly Rose Sonenclar are sent to safety next.

That leaves Tate Stevens, Vino Alan and Diamond White. Tate is safe. Diamond and Vino are the bottom two and will have to sing for the judges to stay in the contest. But first, we have to sit through a really bad performance by Alicia Keys.

After that wretched performance, it’s time for the sing-off. Diamond is up first and she’s singing Beyonce’s “I Was Here.” Diamond delivered a solid and emotional performance. She was really going for it. Was it a perfect performance? No, but she fought for it.

Vino took the stage next with his version of “Trouble” and while it was a great performance, it became aware that he doesn’t really have anywhere else to go in this contest. He’s not going to beat Carly or even Tate. It’s best for him to just step aside now. At least in my opinion.

But it’s not up to me. It’s up to the judges. And L.A of course votes for Diamond to go while Britney votes for Vino to go. And now for the impartial judges. Demi sends Vino home and so does Simon. So that’s that. Vino is the second person to leave the competition this week.

Thankfully, they’re still delivering us the full vote results and here’s how those stacked up this week:

  • 1. Carly Rose Sonenclar
  • 2. Tate Stevens
  • 3. Emblem3
  • 4. Fifth Harmony
  • 5. CeCe Frey
  • 6. Diamond White
What did you think of this week’s X Factor 2012 results show? Did America and the judges get the decisions right this time or no?


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