• Blattz

    Cece frey is safe? What a joke the show is now. She should have never made it this far to begin with.

  • mack

    looks like Diamond White would be sacrificed to protect Demi’s face!!!!it’s all rigged or Americans have a real hearing problem.

    • mack

      instead Vino’s sacrificed!!!

  • Jeff Roberts

    Crappy results. I almost hope CeCe wins so Simon get’s stuck with her. She’ll be worse than the twit he had win last year.

    • Steve gold

      Melanie Amaro is no twit. She is a very good singer. CeCe is no way even close to as good as Melanie is.

  • Denise

    Are you kidding me. NO longer going to be watching this show. Very disappointed!!!!!

  • babygirl63640

    Cece are you joking she should been sent home long time ago vino should have been in her place

  • Guest

    I’m sorry but is Cece just on for the “sex appeal” of the show…. Because she’s definitely not on for the singing. If she makes it through one more round being off pitch again I am honestly done watching this show.

    • guest

      Sex appeal? There is nothing sexy about that girl. Just plain weird, if you ask me.

  • sofmsgoth

    why does this group of judges continue to keep this slag Cece on the show when she should have been got weeks ago. WE DONT LIKE HER!!! Got it?? That version of lady Marmalade was pathetic and total rubbish..please….Pagie and Vino were both better thn Cece. Get rid of the wench!

    • Steve gold

      The judges are not keeping CeCe on the show the stupid morons voting for her are the ones keeping her on the show.

      • Ed

        I have seen a comic strip of Garfield one day and it basically is saying that ” If you can’t beat em, confuse em, LOL.

        Don’t forget who is in control of this whole show and , this is the same guy who pulled that ” I made a mistake, so I am bringing back Melanie” and of course who did eventually win the whole thing.

        I am very skeptical of how the votes went since we have not seen any of it, and we have absolutely no
        way of finding out except take it on the chin.

      • Taymaro

        Ed, Your comments are starting to look like my AI comments last season. Tate Stevens had a very poor performance Wed. IMO. But it seems like the same voters who vote for AI are keeping Tate in the running as well. 1% of the votes covering 3 contestants is ridiculous. EM3, Tate and Carly all sharing nearly the same number of votes? IDK about that but if it’s true that means that Cece could be way behind but with just enough to stay in. The ratings for this show are not all that great and that means the voter participation is even worse. That is the perfect scenario for VFTW to actually make a difference. They are voting for Cece and that is probably all that is keeping her in. Vino’s performance was not all that great either and people could have just not been enthusiastic enough about it to bother to vote this week. For me these results don’t seem odd but I wish Simon had given Vino another shot considering that Diamond has already been brought back once. I think Diamond is very talented and very likable and personable young lady but she did not out perform Vino on the sing off. However Vino did sing the same song he auditioned with and he is very familiar with that song. So IDK. Not really disappointed because this contest is obviously Carly’s to loose. As long as Carly is still there I couldn’t give a rat’s patootie about anyone else at this point.

        Just sayin……

      • Nadwa

        I’m actually shocked with Simon’s decision. I personally don’t think Diamond has a good future with music, unless they play with her voice in the studios. The girl can sing, no doubt, but her type of music doesn’t really go with this generation’s music. Vino has raw natural talent, hands down. I believe in him so much, and I thought Simon did too. It is a complete loss for the show, this should have never happened.

    • Steve gold

      Wow I feel the love for CeCe in this comment…lol
      Or should I say the lack of love and the hatred for CeCe…lmao
      It wasn’t the judges that kept CeCe in this week. It was all the Idiots who voted for her. I was not one of them. I only vote for Carly Rose.

  • Steve gold

    All of you seem to be forgetting that its not the judges keeping CeCe on the show its the stupid MORONS!! who are voting for her. I am not one of them..lol
    CeCe should have been in the sing off with Vino or Diamond then CeCe should have been sent home. Its amazing that Vino goes from #3 last week to going home this week and that CeCe is still around. CeCe is like a cockroach that you just can’t get rid of or kill….lmao
    People “STOP VOTING FOR CECE”!!!!
    Emblem 3 should not be ahead of Fifth Harmony. The girls were far better then the guys were.
    Only thing right about the rankings is the number 1 & 2 spots.
    After the first round of voting was over I started voting for only 1 person and that would be Carly Rose and she is all I am voting for.

    • Ed

      Hi Steve,

      It is much more easier to blame everything on “America”
      than admit the show is a farce this season. There is such a big imbalance on talent because of group division and this is why there are so few competitors to like.

      I agree, Carly Rose is a clear winner followed by Tate. Watch out though there is a guy who thinks he can make
      Emblem 3 the next “One Direction”, notice one of them thinks he is Arnold Schwarzenegger’s replacement, LOL

  • alana

    Who the heck is voting for Cece????

    • Steve gold

      CERTAINLY NOT ME!!!!!!

  • maddiesmom

    Does anyone else besides me think that the boys that make up Emblem3 are so full of themselves? I made my mom watch the results with me tonight and even she (who has never watched the show) commented on how obnoxious they looked? One of them jumped off the stairs and the tallest one kept beating his chest during the results. I don’t know if I’ve ever seen a more conceited group competing before. I don’t understand how they can be ahead of Fifth Harmony. The girls are such far superior singers. I guess we are witnessing the Idol phenomena – cute white boys always get the votes! What an absolute tragedy!

  • Kenna

    Cece SUCKs..send her home PPL..

  • chaos86

    are you fucking kidding me? Vino Alan? one of the best singers in the competition, 3rd rank for several weeks, actually lost to Cece Frey? this smells like results fixing all over the place

  • Steve gold

    Everyone just vote for Carly Rose and no one else and that will make for a quick boot of the SLAG CeCe as sofmsgoth called her. Yes I do know what a slag is. I have a friend in the UK who told me what it is…lol

  • Ed

    Last one for the night :D
    I got a $1.99 question??? Who was the 2 singers that argued their song choice with their mentors this week? Uhmmmmm.

  • http://www.facebook.com/emyhoffert Emily Hoffert

    This is the pits, CECE should have went home, don’t know that I will watch this again. But I love Tate so maybe till the end and then that’s it!!!!!!!!!!!!

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