Please tell me I’m not the only one who noticed on Wednesday night’s episode of X Factor 2012 that most of the acts were freaking out because they had to just get on the stage and sing? They were freaking out that one of the themes was unplugged! They’re in a singing contest! So why are they all using those horrible production numbers as a crutch? I just don’t get it.

OK, on to the recap. As usual, I review each performance and assign the letter grade I think each deserved. Each act performed two songs this week.

ROUND ONE: Unplugged songs

CeCe Frey, Edge of Glory

Well, it was nice to hear her just sing but I can’t really give her or Demi the credit on that since it was this week’s theme. That being said it was still just OK. She’s just not a singer worth $5 million but who really is these days? Whatever, I give up on music. C

Emblem 3, Just THe Way You Are.

Yikes. This was so not good. There was no harmony. There were ridiculous pitch efforts. The song is a lame one (sorry Bruno fans). I’m just going to stop now before I get really mean. D-

Carly Rose Sonenclar, As Long As You Love Me

Well that’s not a good song in my opinion, but I’m pretty sure I’m an alien who doesn’t related to modern music. Aside from the song choice, Carly sounded great. We all know she can sing and doesn’t hide behind the production, so this was just another day for Carly. A

Fifth Harmony, Set Fire To The Rain

This was definitely one of their best performances because of the whole all stripped down thing. But if I’m going to get really critical, I can complain about the song choice and the fact that it was kind of boring. Adele songs are so overdone and I found myself yawning. B-

Diamond White, It’s A Man’s Man’s Man’s World

I didn’t think it was really that unplugged! There were a ton of instruments on that stage. That being said, I think that was probably Diamond’s best performances. Her vocals were there and she was really really into it. Welcome to the show, Diamond. A-

Tate Stevens, Living On A Prayer

Tate’s vocal was probably one of his best. But the song choice and performance were boring. And this song sounds weird slow. The arrangement definitely wasn’t my favorite. But overall, it was a solid performance. B+

ROUND TWO: Pepsi Challenge Songs

CeCe, Part of Me

There’s the CeCe I’ve grown to loathe and dread! I almost enjoyed her unplugged song, so I’m glad the other one is back. You know, the one who was auto tuned all the way through this performance and even left out some lyrics? Yeah that one. Wretched. F

Emblem 3, Forever Young

Well, that was better but still not good. I used to really like these guys and I thought they were going to steamroll this contest, but I don’t know what happened. I thought it was so bah. C+

Carly Rose Sonenclar, If I Were A Boy

I don’t know why this is ever an option to sing. It sounds weird even when Beyonce does it. It’s got all these weird notes and minor keys. It just always sounds off-key. Carly is better than this song, so it’s hard to judge fairly. So I’ll just throw out a letter. B+

Fifth Harmony, Fifth Harmony

That was really good and they were actually harmonizing. So L.A. Reid is happy. The judges liked them and they deserved the credit they were given. A

Diamond White, Diamonds

This performance was not as strong as her first, but it was still better than several of her pasts ones. So I think it’s safe to say Diamond really brought it this week. There were a few moments when the performance sounded whiney but it was pretty solid over all. B+

Tate Stevens, If Tomorrow Never Comes

His vocals were spot on and that was totally in his wheelhouse, but to do something I never do and agree with Demi, it was a bit sleepy. But that’s because of the song choice, and America is to blame for that. So whatever. Good job, though. A

What did you think of the performances? Who were your favorites? Answer that by taking our poll.

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