Tonight the X Factor 2012 Top 4 take the stage to sing two songs each. One is a song chosen by them and the other will be a song chosen by their mentors.

Two acts will move on to the finals next week, so song choice is as important as ever. So what will the Top 4 be singing tonight? We don’t have any actual X Factor 2012 spoilers, but we do have some hints right from the artists’ mouths.

Tate on his song choices this week:

  • I picked a great song for me. L.A. picked a great song for me. We agreed on both, which is always great. We actually changed my song yesterday. It was a great change. In mentoring yesterday, we kind of figured something out. He said, ‘I don’t think that’s it. I don’t think that’s the right one.’ So, we came up with another one and it is definitely the right one.

Emblem 3 on the song they chose:

  • Drew: It’s the first song we ever wanted to do on this show, but we haven’t been able to do it until now. We already know this song, inside and out. I’ve written a rap for it. We get to play instruments on it. It’s a sick song.
  • Wes: It’s everything we’ve been wanting to do.
  • Keaton: I’m playing bass. Drew’s on guitar. And, Wes is rocking lead vocals.

Carly Rose on her songs this week:

  • I think we wanted to go back to the bigger moment type songs, so I chose one that meant something to me, and that could be a moment on the show. I love this song. We’ve showed them contemporary, now they know who I’m going to be as an artist so now we can go back to the big songs because now we’re just trying to win. I think we picked the songs that can do that.

Fifth Harmony on the song Simon chose:

  • Lauren: We were kind of nervous about his choice, but I feel like we changed it up enough so it could be cool.
  • Camila: The things we’ve done with the songs this week are going to be a big surprise. They are both very different.

Be sure to check back later tonight for live coverage of the Top 4 performances and a little later for a full recap of the show.


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