We have a final 3. The X Factor 2012 Top 4 became the Top 3 Thursday night when America’s votes decided who should move on to next week’s grand finale and who should go home.

In the end, America decided that Tate Stevens, Carly Rose Sonenclar and Fifth Harmony should be in the  X Factor Season 2 Finale. Yes, you read that correctly. Fifth Harmony made it through and Emblem 3 was sent packing.

At the start of the night, the Top 4 started things out with a group performance. Carly Rose Sonenclar starts with the lyrics “tell the world I’m coming home …” and while the Twittersphere thought that was some sort of foreshadowing, that was proven false as she’s not going anywhere this week.

Following the group number we get an annoying recap from the night before. So much filler, so little … wait, so MUCH time.

And after 26 minutes, we finally get to some of the results. Fifth Harmony is safe! What a surprise. Britney Spears’ face said it best:

Britney Spears reacts to fifth harmony

After that shocking (and hilarious — thanks to Britney) moment, we get a performance by Bridget Mendler. I have no clue who that is, but I might suggest that person is what’s wrong with the world today. Well, at least what’s wrong with the music world today. We have such little expectations for talent. And here I am off-track already. Back to it.

Time for more results. Tate Stevens is safe. So that leaves Carly Rose and Emblem 3.

And more filler. This time Bruno Mars performs.

And it’s time for the final results: Carly Rose is sent to safety and Simon’s Emblem 3 is out of the contest. That means everyone but Demi has an act in the finals.

Who do you think is going to win X Factor 2012? Are you happy about the results or were you rooting for Emblem 3?

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