The Top 4 had a pretty strong night on X Factor 2012 Wednesday night and it couldn’t have been at a more important time. All four acts performed two songs each and each performance was strong. Only one person will be going home Thursday night and after the performances the night before, anything can happen.

Round One: Their choice

Tate Stevens, Bonfire

This was very country, so his country followers should be happy. And it was a good performance. I’m not a country fan, but he had a lot of energy and the vocals were good. It was definitely one of his most entertaining performances. And it was his own choice, which tends to always be better, despite what producers think. A

Carly Rose Sonenclar, Your Song

It was a quiet and melancholy version of the song, but it worked. And just when you thought it was going to stay on one level, Carly raised it and made it something great and unique. She’s not going anywhere this week. No way. A+

Emblem 3, Baby I Love Your Way

The start of the song was painful and I got a little worried that was how the whole song was going to go, but the guys broke out their little reggae/rap slant and actually turned the song into something. It reminded me of the way they were in the beginning when I kind of sort of thought they were OK. This was much better than the past several weeks. B+

Fifth Harmony, Anything Could Happen

I thought the staging, costumes and all that were horrible and stupid, but the singing was fantastic. The song choice was good, the vocals were there, the harmonies were on. I’d say this was one of their best performances all season. A+

Round Two: Mentor’s choice

Tate Stevens, Fall

Tate slowed things down this time and the reason behind the song had a good narrative, so another smart move. I thought the performance was a little boring, especially compared to his first song. But I think he’s going to be just fine not matter what. B+

Carly Rose Sonenclar, Imagine

It was great to see her on the piano. I”m not so sure I like that she changed up the song so much. That’s a song that a lot of people would call sacred so that was a huge risk and I’m not sure it paid off. I think she should have just performed it as it’s always been performed. B

Emblem 3, Hey Jude

This was easily Emblem 3′s best performance that is unlike their last. I know that’s confusing, but what I mean is, this was good for them and they didn’t even have to put the reggae/rap spin on. It was good. I’ve been harsh on them, so I’m giving them credit when it’s due. B+

Fifth Harmony, Impossible

This was the song that made everyone think “wow this group might actually work” back during the judges’ homes round, but did it have the same impact this time? No. It was actually pretty boring. The vocals were good, but this was THE moment to really steal the show and singing in Spanish wasn’t enough to get it there. I think they had to focus on showing up Emblem 3 and since E3 actually did well, FH is in trouble. B+

What did you think of the Top 4 performances? Who do you think will move on to the finals next week?

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