Wednesday night’s X Factor 2012 ended abruptly for some of us because of the National League game interruption, so we’ll go with what we have for now and update the rest of the recap when I can catch it.

The episode opens on Britney Spears at her Malibu home waiting to make her final decisions on her teens group. She has to cut her team of six to the four she wants to compete on the live shows. So which of the Top 24 are becoming the Top 16? Let’s find out.

First up to learn her fate was Diamond White. Britney gave her an easy yes. Carly Rose Sonenclar was up next and after Britney messed with her just a bit, she too got a yes. Arin Ray walked away with the third yes while James Tanner got the first no. That means the final spot was between Reed Demming and Beatrice Miller.

I was rooting for Reed as Beatrice seems to be an emotional disaster waiting to happen. Reed is mature and sweet and seems like he’d be totally professional and easily marketable. But Britney thinks he needs so voice training and cuts him. Beatrice gets the final yes and will compete in the live shows.

Next we head to L.A. Reid’s Hollywood Hills home to find out which of his Over 25s are going on to the live shows. David Correy gets the first yes while Daryl Black learns that his journey ends at L.A.’s house. Jason Brock and Tate Stevens get the next two yeses, which leaves Vino Alan and Tara Simon.

Vino is pretty humbled while Tara says she will refuse to take no for an answer. L.A. goes with Vino, so needless to say, Tara is not happy that she’s getting cut. She, very bitterly, says L.A. just cut the next Kelly Clarkson or Christina Aguilera.

Up next is Demi at her downtown Los Angeles loft. Which of her young adults has she decided to take with her to the live shows and which will be heading home? Before the episode cut off on the east coast, Jennel Garcia and Willie Jones got the first two yeses.

I’ll keep updating the results as we get them. But if you don’t want to wait, check out the Top 16 spoilers.

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