Yes, you read that right. The X Factor 2012 Top 12 became the Top 13 as Britney and the other judges agreed that Diamond White should return to the competition despite being among the contestants cut during last week’s round.

So Diamond joined the 12 other acts singing songs from movies during the first night America gets to call the shots. As always, I’ll review each performance and assign the grade I think each one deserves.

Arin Ray, “American Boy.” Arin had some great stage presence and some nice moves that everyone was too afraid to call sexy (since he’s only 17). But that’s about as good as it got. His vocals weren’t that great. And that’s happening a lot because everyone is focused on dancing and taking part in the ridiculous production. These people are not pros yet! So why is X Factor treating it like they are? Let them sing! C+

Paige Thomas, ” Take My Breath Away.” Ugh. Why? Someone please tell me why they’re insisting on all these ridiculous gimmicks this season? I mean Paige floated in on wires at the beginning of this production. I get it when Katy Perry or Lady Gaga does it, but this girl has been singing live for like two weeks. Let her work up to such productions. Let us find out if she can sing first! Her vocals were better this week than last, at least. B+

Vino Alan, “When A Man Loves a Woman.” Vino delivered a great and strong vocal and none of it was overdone. No dancers, no floating. Just him and his voice. And while we’re on Vino, let me address Demi Lovato and what she said to him. Isn’t this girl an anti-bullying advocate? Shouldn’t she be avoiding criticisms like “I can’t see you as a star”? What a disgusting thing to say to someone. A-

Emblem3, “My Girl/California Girls.” Oh Simon. How he loves mixing these songs into a medley. So weird. Anyway, their energy was great and their stage presence is fantastic. I still think one of them is the clear best singer, but that usually happens. I’m sure the girls will love them for weeks and weeks to come. B

Beatrice Miller, “Iris.” This girl really pours herself into it for someone so young. I almost feel like she’s kind of off-putting though. And tonight her voice was clearly strained. But that almost added a nice touch to it. I thought it was all pretty good. B+

Jennel Garcia, “I Love Rock n Roll.” OK, at first I was cool with her little sexy moves, now they’re getting weird and uncomfortable. And I agree with Simon. Demi is turning Jennel into something no one is going to like. She was a front-runner, but Demi isn’t doing her any favors. Still yet, her performances are energized and strong. Everything just needs toned down a bit. OK, a lot. B+

Tate Stevens, “Dead Or Alive.” Great vocals. It was so refreshing to hear someone just sing. No production. No auto-tune. Just the talent. And the country singer gave us the right mix of country and rock. I hope he’s not in danger just because he’s not singing Katy Perry songs and flying across the stage. A

Lyric145, “Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious.” No, that’s not a typo. They really sang the song from Mary Poppins. And I don’t even know what to say. Did I hate it? Did I love it? The only thing I can be sure of is that it was over-produced like everyone else. I can’t even grade it. It could be a D or it could be an A. I may never figure it out.

Diamond White, “I Have Nothing.” Oh boy, another singing show, another Whitney song. Actually, it’s always this Whitney song. Gone are the days of “I Will Always Love You.” Now it’s “I Have Nothing.” And while I’m happy Diamond got another shot, I thought this performance was her worst to date. Sadly. D+

CeCe Frey, “Eye of The Tiger.” Performance: bad. Production: Bad. Leopard prints on her face: back. Attitude: AWFUL. Grade: F

Jason Brock, “I Believe I Can Fly.” I once said that I’d never review another performance of “I Believe I Can Fly.” So let me figure out how to do this without breaking my word while still doing my job. OK, here goes. If I were to review this performance I might say it was predictable but good and much better than last week. And if I were to grade it, I’d give it a B +

Fifth Harmony, “A Thousand Years.” First of all, do we really expect them to not go home first with all these confusing name changes?  I think it’s a safe bet to say they will be at risk on Thursday night. As for their performance, it wasn’t their best. It wasn’t bad, but I’m not sure why it was the last song of the night. B

What did you think of the performances? Who are your favorites? Why do you think will be at risk Thursday night?


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