Since Fox does what it wants and has the tendency not to tell us what’s going on, X Factor 2012 sent two acts home tonight — one based solely on how America voted and the other based on America’s votes and the judges’ thoughts on their face-off performance.

We also were treated to how America’s votes ranked each act. And I’ll say it again: this is my absolute favorite part of the show. I am so happy a show is finally revealing those numbers. I’ve always thought that was something we should know.

Different this week is that we’re getting the first elimination out of the way quickly. The act with the least amount of votes hit the road immediately. There are no second chances or sing offs. The first act of the night to be eliminated is surprising Lyric145. Based on their ranking the week before, that was a bit of a shocker. But based on their performance from the night before, it makes total sense.

After some filler via Taylor Swift, Khole and Mario get back to the results. This time they reveal the nine acts going directly into the Top 10. Announced in this order, those safe are: Arin Ray, Vino Alan, Carly Rose Sonenclar, Diamond White, Tate Stevens, Emblem3, Beatrice Miller, CeCe Frey and 5th Harmony.

That means two members from Demi’s team, Paige Thomas and Jennel Garcia, will face-off as the sing for the judges’ votes.

Jennel performs “The Reason,” by Hoobastank. That was totally not a save-me song or a save-me performance. It was a bad song choice and about a B-minus performance. Paige took on “Paradise” by Coldplay and while it was better than Jennel, it was nothing to jump out of your chair over. Demi really did a number on these two. It’s sad for them that she lead them astray, but I totally blame her for their placement.

Even though I like Jennel WAY better than Paige, I’d still vote to send her home based on these performances alone. But it’s up to the judges. Mario goes to L.A. He votes to eliminated Jennel. Britney agrees. Then Mario skips over to Simon, saving Demi for last. Simon refuses to give his vote until after Demi. Mario argues with Simon (clearly because other producers are barking in his earpiece) but in the end someone realizes Simon is the boss, so they go to Demi. She says she votes to send Paige out, clearly thinking Simon will make the votes a tie, leaving the decision up to America. But Simon instead votes to send out Jennel, meaning she’s the second act leaving for the night.

That was a shady move on Simon’s part, and I think that’s just one more indication that Demi will be out of there at the end of the season as fast as we can say Nicole Scherzinger.

And finally, my favorite part. The rankings. Here’s how America’s vote placed the contestants into the Top 10:

The Rankings:
1. Tate Stevens
2. Carly Rose Sonenclar
3. Vino Alan
4. Emblem3
5. CeCe Frey
6. 5th Harmony
7. Diamond White
8. Beatrice Miller
9. Arin Ray
10. Paige Thomas

For the second week in a row, Tate and Carly are in the top two spots. Arin and Beatrice stayed near the bottom while CeCe and her drama managed to push her to 5th place. But I don’t think she’ll stay there long. We can expect her to fall back in the bottom next week.

What are your thoughts on the X Factor 2012 results this week. Are you happy with the Top 10?

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