The X Factor 2012 Top 12 take to the stage tonight and they’ll be singing songs by divas. Yes, that’s right. It’s Divas Week!

While they’re still keeping their song choices under wraps, the Top 12 have revealed some hints and shard some secrets to their performances.

“This is a song I would sing in every day life and it’s a song that I really love,” Diamond White says. “I like that this performance is more extravagant and I get to move a bit more. No dancers, just me by myself. The feeling is different than anything I’ve done so far. It’s an uplifting song and it affects me in a good way. It gets me in the moment.”

Diva Week wasn’t good news for everyone. But everyone has embraced the theme in one way or another, it seems.

“When we first got the theme, we were like, Diva Week? They don’t care about us, whatever, but once we came up with the genius idea we did, we know it’s gonna be crazy,” Lyric Da Queen of Lyric145 said. “It’s unexpected. We did write our own lyrics this week.”

So how does a MALE country artist handle Diva Week?

“Divas week is tough for me,” Tate Stevens said. “It’s a challenge. I think I picked a great song, though. I like it because it’s a very emotional song. I set the bar high for myself last week and now I have to get back there. But I do feel the pressure for being No. 1 last week. This week, No. 12 can be No. 1 and No. 1 can be No. 12. You just have to bring it each week.”

Be sure to check back in later for live coverage of the Top 12 performances and a little later for the full recap of the show.

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