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Tonight the X Factor 2012 will say goodbye to not one, but two more acts based on how America’s votes played out last night and what the judges decide based on their save-me performances.

And again, we’ll find out who the acts stacked up based on America’s votes. And I’ll praise the show once again for adding this to the show. It’s my favorite part about the X Factor now. And trust me, I needed something to look forward to with this show.

The X Factor 2012 Results


  • Diamond White
  • Vino Alan
  • Carly Rose Sonenclar
  • 5th Harmony
  • Tate Stevens
  • Paige Thomas
  • Emblem3
  • CeCe Frey


  • Arin Ray
  • Beatrice Miller

The Rankings:

  1. Carly Rose Sonenclar
  2. Tate Stevens
  3. Vino Alan
  4. Emblem3
  5. Diamond White
  6. Paige Thomas
  7. 5th Harmony
  8. CeCe Frey

Did America and the judges get it right this week?

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