Emblem3 Top 10 Week

The X Factor 2012 Top 10 gave thanks via song on Wednesday night during part one of Thanksgiving Week. Part two will play out on Thanksgiving night as America’s votes send home two more singers.

Tate Stevens, “Already There.” Tate’s performance was emotional and solid. I agree with the judges that it wasn’t his best performance ever. And while I don’t want him moving over to Demi’s dark side with ridiculous production numbers, his performances are getting slightly boring. B+

Diamond White, “Because You Loved Me.” A slow and kind of sloppy start, but it got better. It was sappy and contrived, but that’s the theme this week, so in that case, she nailed it. But seriously, it was emotion and nice. Diamond got lost in the choir though. So that was unfortunate. B

Emblem 3, “Secrets.” It wasn’t as emotional as the other songs, but I liked the song choice and that they wanted to pull back a bit. I think they might need to learn to sing while moving around a bit. They seemed to get a bit breathy. B+

Arin Ray, “Hero.” I felt like he was trying to force some emotion and I found that very distracting. And the vocals were not so good. I think this was probably his worst performance actually. It was all just mediocre. C-

CeCe Frey, “The Wind Beneath My Wings.” This is going to be hard. I don’t want to get hate comments, so I’m not going to say anything about this one. Just tell me what you thought in our comments section.

Fifth Harmony Top 10 week

Fifth Harmony, “I’ll Stand By You.” This was a good solid performance. I love the song and they’re all talented. They were all definitely on for this one. They all work well together. This was probably one of their best. A

Beatrice Miller, “Chasing Cars.” I really liked her take on the song. It was soft and haunting. I’m not sure I get her as an artist, but I think for her age, this was a pretty good performance. B+

Vino Alan, “God Bless the USA.” Well this was a smart song choice. The X Factor audience will eat this up. And on top of that, it was actuality a good and strong vocal. A

Paige Thomas, “Everything.” Finally, just a performance and not a crazy production. But I agree with L.A. I don’t think it was good enough to get her anywhere in the contest. But it was emotional and it fit the theme. B+

Carly Rose Sonenclar, “Somewhere Over The Rainbow.” Best performance of the night. She didn’t pick some sappy song or turn on the water works. She just dedicated the song to her brother and then sang the hell out of it. A+

What did you think of this week’s performances? Which performance were you most thankful for? Ha.

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