• http://www.facebook.com/karen.sabatino.56 Karen Sabatino

    carly rose’s performance gave me goose bumps

    • Texas Fan Girl

      I AGREE

  • Arlene

    As I predicted Arin Wray is a goner, and Beatrice and Cece would have been the sing off. The truth is Beatrice just cannot sing donno how she made it that far.

    • Texas Fan Girl

      Beatrice CAN SING! If you think she can’t u need a earring aid!

  • Texas Fan Girl

    Beatrice rocks SO SAD she is gone! It should have been CeCE!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • http://twitter.com/donnacelina D. Celina

    do you think they sent home arin and beatrice so that demi’s two pitiful acts would remain and she wouldn’t act more bitter, grouchy, bullyish (is that a word) than she has been acting. she is always bored with someones performance and looking for more, she knows who has to step up their game but continues to do a poor a#@ job with her artistes, it’s ridiculous i hope she does not return with that attitude. yes u have to be a good judge and keep it real but keep it real with your performers first u picked semi-talented performers and then to try to cover your mistake u revamped their looks when nothing was wrong with their looks. you are on the wrong show check fashion police or one of those makeover shows if that’s what you are interested in. demi, you must review the show and take a look at your face and the not bored but disgusted looks that u are always trying to portray (when you are not fake gushing) and get a grip on reality there is only one simon cowell and he is not fake.

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