It’s finale week for X Factor 2012! That means by Thursday night, we’ll have a season 2 champion. Will it be Fifth Harmony, Carly Rose Sonenclar or Tate Stevenson?

On Wednesday night, the final three sing for your votes one last time. OK, actually it’s a few last times. Aside from their own solos, the top 3 will also be paired with celebrity guests for duets. And we have those spoilers now!

Fifth Harmony will be paired with judge Demi Lovato. What a strange pairing. Especially since she criticized them much of the season (except for when they actually performed two of her songs). Simon continued to play that game they staged this season to make us think he and Demi don’t like each other.

“Kinda irritating to say, the person we’ve decided to duet with is Demi Lovato,” Simon said during a press conference.

Tate Stevens will perform with country group Little Big Town. He’s not the only one teaming up with a country act. Carly Rose will duet with LeAnn Rimes.

So let’s look at this: Demi, a country group I’ve barely know and LeAnn Rimes. Ouch, X Factor. Is that all you could do? Two barely relevant artists and one of your own employees? Oh well, it’ll still be a pretty sold finale I’m sure.

On Wednesday night, more star-studded performances can be expected and of course so can the crowning of the new winner. Be sure to keep it locked in here for all of your news and coverage of the X Factor 2012 finale.

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