After a messy week and a half of interruptions and the World Series (no, I’m not ready to let that one go), the X Factor 2012 is back and it’s live!

The Top 16 hits the big stage with full performances, including new looks, dancers, props and so much more. And it’s all live. The first live show,  at two-hour and seven-minutes will be followed by a second live show Thursday night.

We’re still unclear how this is all going to go down. It looks like the Top 16 performs tonight and then the judges make some cuts on Thursday, for presumably a Top 12 or Top 10. Oh, and you might expect to see a wild card thrown in. Oh, and America’s votes start next week.

Tonight also marks the first time we see the new hosts, Mario Lopez and Khloe Kardashian Odom take the stage. Oh boy.

Check back later for the full recap of tonight’s unexpected show (yes, that’s me being grumpy at Fox for ruining my Halloween).

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