• http://www.facebook.com/tlhintz Tammy Hintz

    I can not believe Brittany left Diamond White go!!!!! She is like the next Whitney Houston…..I am so so shocked….. I am 49 years old and the first time I saw Diamond White, I knew that she would make it…. To bad for Brittany….her loss…..She would have made it….I couldn’t wait to vote for the best and Brittany just lost the BEST!!!!! DIAMOND WHITE!!!!!!

    • http://www.facebook.com/tlhintz Tammy Hintz


  • http://www.facebook.com/tlhintz Tammy Hintz

    OMG! I still can’t believe brittany left DIAMOND WHITE GO!!!! BRING HER BACK, LIKE SIMON DID LAST YEAR……

  • Poison_ Monkey

    Demi (Youngest) is the only Judge that got it right.

    Arin Ray was off off key via TV…! i.e. b a d

    Simon…Lyric145 REALLY over 1432 or the Sister’s? really

    You screwed up not picking the L 145 girl solo-not right for Sisiters man.

    You screwed up early two years in a row Simon …How did you think Arin was on key? Diamond was spot on well over last 20 seconds.

    At least tell all the guys to stop holding their parts…!

    • Marc

      You are so right. Demi made the good decision and I suspect CeCe will be the last one standing in her group. She has the whole package. She was nervous I agree. Who wouldn’t be with blond hair, a dress and wtv. Bring back the old sassy Cece and she will win it all.

  • Arlene

    Brittney Spears made a grave mistake in her choice and I say no more.

  • Ed

    Ever since I have noticed the excessive screaming on this show my ears are now tuned in to these girls. I noticed that the screaming is coming from the same area of the auditorium and from the same bunch of girls screaming their heads off. They
    scream during a performance, after a performance, during the judges commentaries, after the commentaries and when the hosts say boo, or not, I doubt that these group even knows what’s going on with the show because that’s all they do, scream non stop. Am I obssesed with these screaming, why yes I am , it hurts my ears and I don’t think I can continue to watch this show when my ears will focus on these girls every time I tune in.
    So , please girls if you can read this, stop it. I am hoping you develop a bad case of sore throat at least until Xfactor is done.
    Unless of course I switched to a diffrent station and watch the cooking show or something………………stop it please :D

    • Taymaro

      Well at least you are going to continue to watch and give them a chance. I really think that I am done with this show for the season. I haven’t said that before. I always complain but keep watching but there is nothing left on this show for me this season. I am keeping up with the UK version via the internet and it’s almost as bad but there are a couple of good singers still there. So I think that and The Voice is where I am going to focus my attention. Sorry but I just can’t do it when they don’t focus on the voices and the singing ability.

      • Ed

        Hi Taymaro,
        Well, if this week’s time slot doesn’t change then I definitely will have to let go watching this show for now
        and stick to The Voice. Strange that The Voice and XFactor is scheduled both Wednesday and Thursday
        this week. I really do mind the noise level of the screaming on XFactor and I find it very annoying to spend 2 hours listening to that. It is too bad because
        I’m starting to like 3 singers in the competition but it seems to me that the judges doesn’t know what to do with them, such a waste of talent………..:(

  • http://www.facebook.com/shannon.molloy.963 Shannon Molloy

    Who does Paige Thomas think she is wearing that getup last night? Is she trying to turn off fans before the voting begins? I don’t know if she is dressing herself or if she is working with a stylist but either way her ensemble was way way off to me. She looked absolutely ridiculous in that hat and she came across as being completely stuck up!

    • Ed

      Hi Shannon,
      I am hoping that as soon as the fan voting begins the show will go back to more singing and less outrageous production numbers that diminish their capacity to showcase their singing talents. Sooner or later these contestants has to prove they are worth the $5 million prize. So, they can choose to dress like a Cirque Du Soleil performer or look like Lady Gaga one important thing they have to do to win and that is to SING…………………….

  • Xoremi Ralte

    I Think all the judges got it right except for L.A,David has the X Factor potential in him… so rude to send him home.

  • biz

    truly LA reid has not interest of winning this year. Just sayin.

  • http://www.facebook.com/johnny.dee.161 Johnny Dee

    Demi got it right. CeCe needs to be worked on and Demi knew in her heart that she would choose her over Willie. Willie’s performance sucked. Simon made a bad choice. Siscer C was way better vocally and overall.

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  • Gina

    David Correy was my pick to win it. He had the best voice, story, and look, hands down. No reason to watch anymore. The only good that came out of his leaving was his promise to keep going. Hopefully right to the studio to make music, because I’m all ready to have that angelic voice ringing through every speaker I pass throughout the day. That’s proof that there are angels on Earth, and they can sing the chills right out of us! Rock on David Correy! This show is obviously based on ratings and not talent.

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