Last week, the X Factor 2012 mentors cut their teams down to five us this season’s Top 12 and this Wednesday, they’ll sing for your votes.

After the Top 12 takes to the stage, the voting lines open and it’s all in your hands. And there are several ways to vote. Here’s a rundown:

Immediately after the performance show, fans will be able to vote via 1) Verizon Touch Voting on The Xtra Factor App on Verizon Android devices; 2) toll-free calling; 3) text messaging for Verizon Wireless customers; and 4) online at TheXFactorUSA.com. Fans with valid Facebook accounts can also vote at Facebook.com/TheXFactorUSA.

On Thursday night, the live results show will reveal how America’s votes played out and one act will head home. Who do you think will be in and who will be out after this week? Do you have any early favorites among the Top 12?

The X Factor 2012 Top 12: Teens – Beatrice Miller, Arin Ray and Carly Rose Sonenclar; Young Adults – Cece Frey, Jennel Garcia and Paige Thomas; Over 25s – Vino Alan, Jason Brock and Tate Stevens; and Groups – 1432, Emblem3 and Lyric 145. At the end of the broadcast, Simon asked fans to help him rename 1432 by submitting group name ideas at www.TheXFactorUSA.com.

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