Last week on X Factor 2012, Jason Brock fell into the bottom two, and after the judges were deadlocked, it was revealed that he received the least amount of votes from America, resulting in his elimination.

In his exit interview, he talks about the hurtful comments Simon made about him and how he thinks those comments might have sealed his fate. He also talks about what he learned from the experience and what the viewers will be missing now that he’s gone.

Was he surprised at his elimination? No.

“I did have a feeling … the reason I had that feel was because of what simon said,” Jason said.

In what is becoming a VERY materialistic and appearacen-centered season, Simon cut on what Jason was wearing and poked fun at his song choice (“I Believe I Can Fly”) by telling him he doesn’t think he could get far off the ground, much less fly.

“I felt sad,” Jason said. “I felt really hurt and I thought ‘oh my god how much can I take of this.’ Fortunately I don’t have to take it anymore.”

Jason says there will be some fun things America will be missing out on now that he won’t be performing on the show anymore.

“They’re going to miss glitter explosions,” he said.

Hear what else Jason had to say in his interview below. Check back in with us soon for all the details on this week’s episode of The X Factor. 

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