In case you’re still confused about what’s going on with The X Factor 2012, join the club. After last week’s disaster of a Top 16 episode, Fox finally re-aired the episode last night, but not even at the time they originally announced it as. What a huge mess.

Anyway, we had already told you the Top 16 based on spoilers and they were all right except for one. Instead of Playback making it into Simon’s groups, it was Sister C.

Here’s the complete and accurate Top 16:

TEENS (Britney)
Beatrice Miller
Carly Rose Sonenclar
Arin Ray
Diamond White
CUT: Reed Deming and James Tanner

OVER-25′s (L.A.)
Jason Brock
Vino Alan
David Correy
Tate Stevens
CUT: Tara Simon and Daryl Black

Jennel Garcia
Willie Jones
CeCe Frey
Paige Thomas
CUT: Jillian Jensen (shown above) and Nick Youngerman

GROUPS (Simon)
Lyric 145
Sister C
CUT: Playback and Dope Crisis

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