• charlye

    ‘Anything goes’ was Tate’s audition song in Kansas City.

    • Mark

      Agree.personally think Tate Is recording star material as do other talent scouts talked to.

  • Jeff Roberts

    If 5th Harmony wins it would be another epic fail like Melony. I’m sure Simon was pushing them on all of us because of his ego, being their mentor. I like Carly but not sure how marketable she would be. Tate would be a slam dunk as far as record sales.
    OH well not my money.

    • Steve gold

      Carly Rose will be very marketable. No way should Fifth Harmony win. Winning should be based on there performances throughout the competition not just based on tonights finals. Carly has nailed every performance where Tate and Fifth Harmony had performances that were not very good.

      • http://www.facebook.com/people/Juvy-Viliamil/100001123946502 Juvy Viliamil

        Winning should be based on there performances throughout the competation not just based on tonight finals.
        but it’s the voter’s choice.that count weither you are good from the first or you’re good fron the final’s.

  • maddiesmom

    Totally agree. Fifth Harmony blew everyone out of the water tonight. Carly was all over the place and Tate was plain boring. Going by the performances tonight, FH should win!

    • Steve gold

      Overall throughout the competition Carly Rose has been far superior over Tate and Fifth Harmony.

  • Steve gold

    Carly Rose is still the one to beat. She has out performed everyone else all season long. All her performances have been great where the others have not had every performance as good. Tate and Fifth Harmony have had hits and misses and Carly Rose has been dead on great. Carly deserves to win and should win.

  • kuntuluyu

    it’s not about how it started but it’s about ho it ended, and i think 5H end it beautifuly… 5H FTW

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  • Ed

    First if we shut down our bias and just pick who did the best last night and forget about past performances , because that is what it is “Past”. Forget age , looks and whatever it is that has nothing to do with the performance last night , close your eyes and listen again and see who sang the best of the 3 songs altogether, you
    will have the same conclusion as I did, that is if you are not lying to yourselves or just plain stubborn and deaf. 5H was great, followed closely by Tate Stevens , Carly did OK but those songs were done way too many times by better singers and I am sorry to say as much as I like her from the start she was boring last night
    Frankly she could be nervous but her tone, pitch and vocals were definitely off, her duet with Lean was disastrous.

    She could still win because of her fan base but again based on last night’s performance only, both 5H and Tate did much better.

  • whatdoyouthink

    5H wins?we’ll know it was rigged

  • vicks

    First all may say They messed up Carly for her song choice and her duet with Rimes..Carly is alot better. She look constricted and uncomfortable. It was not Carly’s fault. Tate as much as I love him he was predictable and a bit tedious and boring. This is not time to hold back. Fifth harmony came out with a 123 punch and knocked everyone out of the water. You can tell the hard work they put into their performance. We will see..

    thanks for looking,

  • PhyllisG(Las Vegas)

    Frankly all three of these singers will do good. Carly Rose is only 13…..I think she has a fabulous voice but so young to get in this rat race of the music busimess. Tate is country and will undoubtably make it on the country scene. 5th Harmony came together for the first time on this show and the have really got it together…..I really feel that they have a good chance to make it in this business…….they can only get better!!!! JMHO

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