Last week on X Factor 2012, we watched as Amercia’s votes sent home Lyric145 and Jennel Garcia.

OK, so technically, L.A., Britney and Simon sent home Jennel, but it was America’s votes that put her in that situation. After the dramatic results, the two eliminated acts paused for their exit interviews and we’ve got both of those for you below.

Despite being tossed out of the contest right at the start of last week’s results show and not getting to sing for their lives, Lyric145 remains quite upbeat. Their attitudes are good and they’re very thankful for the opportunity. And it sounds like they’ve only just begun.

“I promise this is not the end and I promise we won’t let you down,” Lyric Da Queen says. So the X Factor-assembled group might giving this thing a go, it sounds.

Jennel Garcia isn’t bitter by any means, but her spirits seem to be a bit more crushed. She’s really confused that Simon voted to send her out despite all the praise he has given her.  But like Lyric145, she says it’s not over for her.

“Just because X Factor is over for me does not mean that anything else is over for me,” Jennel said.

Find out what else both acts had to say in their exit interviews below. And check back here Wednesday night for live coverage of the Top 10 performance show.


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