Last week on X Factor 2012 we said goodbye to CeCe Frey and Diamond White. The two eliminated acts stopped for their exit interviews and discussed their experience on the show and what happens next.

CeCe, who was eliminated first as the person with the least amount of votes, remains hopeful about her future.

“Obviously it sucks to go home, but this is far from the end of my career,” CeCe says. “I’m very excited for what comes next.”

CeCe received the most harsh criticism from the judges throughout the season, and I often thought that was part of the narrative they were working up for her. Her remark on that makes me think I was right.

“I’ve always gotten harsh critiques from simon and LA,” CeCe says. “I don’t always agree with them but I thank them for making me such a polarizing character. I’m happy that I have had such an impact.”

Mmmhmm. I thought so.

Diamond seems just as happy as she always is, despite being the person technically eliminated at the judges’ hands.

“I wanted to win. But my second goal was getting to top 5 or top 6. I did that, so that’s a good sign,” Diamond says. There’s only one winner. I’m just glad I’m one of those people that got to the top 5.”

Find out what else CeCe and Diamond had to say in their videos below. Be sure to check back here on Wednesday night for live coverage of the Top 4 performances. Also, stay tuned for any news and updates from what’s going on with the X Factor 2012 this week.

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