Last week on The X Factor 2012, the Top 8 was left standing as Arin Ray and Beatrice Miller were sent home.

Now we have the two eliminated contestants’ exit interviews to share with you and both of them bring up great points about what is wrong with this show.

“I feel like he basically said I’m not ready and that basically means I need to give up,” Beatrice said if judge Simon Cowell. “You want more of encouraging words, which he didn’t give me.”

Beatrice is devastated and is ready to give up. Which brings me to my first point I mentioned above. The age limit for this show is TOO young. Those singers’ voices aren’t done developing, but that’s not even the worst part. The worst part is how emotional they get and what that can do to a person their age. No one at the age of 13 is emotionally stable to be thrust into this temporary stardom then have it ripped out from under them. I digress.

So what did Arin have to say? He brings up my other point: let the singers choose their own songs!

Arin says he wasn’t in his element the past two weeks and he didn’t seem to be happy with the songs he was given to sing. He’s appreciative of Britney and says she’s amazing, but he hints that she may not have given him the best songs to sing.

Just let them pick their own songs, X Factor.

Find out what else Beatrice and Arin had to say in their interviews below.

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