Last week on X Factor 2012, Emblem 3 surprisingly said goodbye to the competition, barely missing a spot in the finale. The trio took some time for some parting words, following their elimination.

Well, OK, one of the three hogged the mic and let me just say let’s hope you’re not the spokesperson of the group. I have little to say because he’s totally unquotable. He just rambled on and on and on about nothing. Putting words together that should never be together. Poor guy.

Wesley finally got a chance to speak up, briefly.

“I feel like we sucked all the juice out of it,” Wesley said. “Everything we needed from X Factor we got.” (OK, maybe none of them should speak and should just stick to singing).

I hate to kick a guy (or 3) while they’re down, but this exit interview, when it wasn’t embarrassingly belligerent, was pretty arrogant. I’m kind of glad I never voted for them.

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