The X Factor 2012 episode 6

The X Factor USA sure loves its drama and this week’s final audition episode was no different. We had some near medical scares, spitting at the camera, and a singer struggling to overcome life threatening weight issues. But it wasn’t all just drama, there were some great auditions last night on the The X Factor 2012‘s last round of auditions before the coaches head on to Boot Camp with their team. Here are some highlights of standout singers from the show.

Trevor Moran – “Sexy and I Know It”
Trevor makes a miraculous recovery from his sugar crash exhaustion and is able to get out on stage and impress the judges with his LMFAO performance. Trevor earns four enthusiastic yes-votes and moves on.

Owen Stewart – “Airplanes”
Owen introduces his own drama with separation anxiety from his girlfriend. This sad story brings sad faces from the lady judges but only earns a shrug and eye-roll from Simon. Britney isn’t convinced by LA, Simon, and Demi are so with 3 yes-votes he moves on.

Freddie Combs – “The Wind Beneath My Wings”
Freddie is introduced with his background of nearly dying due to his obesity before losing nearly half his weight. LA says Freddie’s voice is “heavenly” and Simon wants to keep working on Freddie to lose the weight and get healthy. Four yes-votes gets Freddie on to Boot Camp.

Lauren Jaurgui – “If I Ain’t Got You”
Lauren comes out and delivers an impressive performance of an Alicia Keys’ song with a voice way beyond her age of just 16. Simon gives her an immediate thumbs up when he asks her to stop and praises her performance. There’s no debate. She gets four enthusiastic yes-votes and moves on to next week’s shows.

Jordyn Foley – “Tomorrow”
Here’s another young style over substance for you to wrap up the night. It’s an enthusiastic, yet terrible performance but she’s only twelve years old so I’ll let it go at that. Simon says no, but the rest of the judges want to stick it to him and say “yes.” Hopefully it’s not Simon who gets stuck with this group for the rest of the show.

After five cities and thousands of singers, The X Factor moves on with more than a hundred contestants to Boot Camp next week. Are you ready?

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