On Thursday night’s episode of The X Factor there was a storm brewing outside  and on the stage it was raining suck. Yes, it was the typical second night of X Factor, which means most of the Greensboro auditions featured were the bad auctions.

Let’s take a look at the few auditions that did stand out.

Will Jones. This guy comes out looking like Fresh Prince and I can only imagine he’s going to break up “Parents Just Don’t Understand.” But no. When he opened his mouth, out came a bassy “Baby Lock Them Doors.” Yes, that’s a country song. I thought it was odd, but it sounded good. So that’s all that matters. Well, that and he soared onto the next round.

Julia Bullock. This girl’s band came along to support her and kind of broke up along the way. They basically decided if she makes it though the audition round, they’d be done. Her version of Foster the People’s “Pumped Up Kicks” was actually better than I thought it would be. While I love the song, I didn’t think it would make a very good auction song. But she put her own spin on an already-unique song and sounded great. She’s got a unique and edgy sound, but it’s also believable. And that’s important. She gets four yeses.

Jeffrey Adam Gutt. This single dad busted out Simon Cowell’s favorite song, “Hallelujah.” And he put his own spin on it enough to actually wow Simon, who has heard about a trillion versions of that song. He manages to have a gruff yet smooth voice. He sounds kind of like an 80s hair band rocker who is also classically trained. He’s an enigma. I like him a lot.

Krysten. I have no idea why they wasted our time with her. She started her auction with an Adele song. Simon stopped her and said he wanted her to go off and prepare a different song more suited for her. So I’m thinking she’s going to come back and nail it. No. She comes back and it’s awful. And it was the last audition of the night. What a sneaky tricky move X Factor!

What did you think of Thursday’s episode of X Factor?

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