• Kelyhen

    Should have given Dakota o’driscoll a try instead of wasting time with bad singers

  • Kelyhen

    First night was great

  • Ed

    Hi Branden
    I agree on both standouts

    Jason Brock reminded me of a certain “Chicken Counter” who won
    America’s Got Talent” whose appearance does not fit in with his
    voice and everybody was blown away right at the start. He can become
    my early favourite providing he concentrate on singing and continues to be himself and not change. His smile is infectious and adds to his charisma. Better than crying. $5 Million is a lot of reason to smile
    and get crazy. He can definitely sing with great control of his good voice.

    Whoever will mentor Carly should be careful on what songs they provide or suggest for her. She is a 50 year old Jazz/Blues/Soul
    singer locked in a 13 year old body. I hope she has a lot more songs
    in her pocket that she can do. We all know one song is not enough
    to win it all and people can get bored with one style.

    I hope Simon does not pull another “I made a mistake routine”
    like last year. Just saying……………………..

    • Sherry K

      Ed, You really give what you say a great deal of thought. That is very nice. Some of the comments people make It like this.
      I think they just puff it out. I hope Simon doesn’t make a mistake like last year either!! But there is something going on I do not like at all. Simon especially!! Rude remarks to some of the contestants!! Really I thought he learned a lesson on the second year of American Idol. It is rude and uncalled for. My husband said he is doing it for publicity!! Well boo if that is what it is. Won’t work in my case. Have a nice day. Sherry K
      PS. Hi Branden! I don’t expect a reply. But I do like you.

    • Taymaro

      Welcome back Ed,
      I was wondering where you were. Are you ready to put your support behind someone already? I’m not so sure yet. Jason Brock is one of the best singers they have shown so far but the audio is a little off on some of the performances so I’m not ready to commit yet.

      I’ll give it a couple of more episodes and then we will go all in…LOL

      Good to see you back though..

      • Ed

        Hi Taymaro,
        Good to be back , thank you :) And how are you??

        To answer your question:
        No, not yet, though I like Jason , as you know me by now I like singers that are a bit off the wall but I like to wait for more auditions. I have a feeling we will see singers that will meet our expectations and get us going again like last season.

        You noticed that too. I find that the stage they are using for the auditions does not have good acoustics
        so the overall sound quality is poor.

        For now we should sit back and enjoy the selection
        process. talk to you later……………………

    • Taymaro

      I’m not so sure that it is the stage that is causing the poor audio, Ed. When Carly started singing it was nice and clear and the audio was very good. Then after the acapella part when the music kicked in my audio changed and I could barely hear. I have since looked at it on Youtube and the sound is a lot better. So it’s something they are doing on the TV show…maybe they are trying to drown out the audience and it also affects the performers audio. IDK what it is but it’s the same every season at the start of these shows on certain performances this happens and it’s annoying because you have to go to the internet for good audio.

  • Meridith

    Why does Simon have to be talking with his mouth full of snacks. I think that is rude for national TV.

    • Sherry K

      Meridith, Simon is just being plain down right rude this year! And I do not like it! Sherry K

  • Debbie

    Ok, I’ve always liked Brittany Spears and she seems like she has matured, However, she seemed to be acting rather than being herself. Just my opinion. Simon needs to speak up and continue who he has always been. I like Demi, however had never heard of her and had to research. Why do these judges put rappers through that clearly can’t sing? Yes, Jason was awesome and so was the 13 year old male and female. As far as L.A. Reid….well, I still have an open mind.

  • Taymaro

    I share your opinion that Jason Brock can definitey sing but I don’t think he can win. There are a couple of very strong youngsters in the running that may very well win this thing.

    I also liked the others you have cited here Branden. Imagine that. Something we actually agree on.

  • Scorpio09

    Carly is no way better than the young singers last year. Better than Drew or Rachel Crow??

    You must be crazy! Just saying.

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