Last night, the X Factor 2012 kicked off with high energy and your typical Fox drama, but it was new judge Britney Spears who stole the show. Or at least that’s how Fox edited it.

So now we know that Simon and Britney are going to be the ones who tell it like it is, Demi will be the sweet judge and L.A. Reid will be that one judge that plays it straight (until it’s time for a staged bickering match with Simon).

Tonight they’re all back again in the second part of the two-night season premiere week. We’ll get more auditions, more back stories, more drama and maybe even a look at why Britney walked off the set. I’m also considering starting a drinking game for every time a Britney Spears song cue plays, we take a drink.

As always, I’ll be back again later with a full recap of tonight’s show. So be sure to check back in later. Also, don’t forget to like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter for all your X Factor 2012 updates.

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