For the first time this season, two “X Factor” acts were sent home and both were  based only on America’s votes.

Before I get into all that, I’ve got to break normal routine and discuss what happened to me Wednesday night. I experienced the ultimate spoiler when I saw Marcus Canty at The Grove in Los Angeles after the live show was over. Keep in mind we’re three hours behind here so I still had plenty of time to get home and watch the West Coast re-airing.

Marcus was not in a very good mood and from the things I was overhearing, I knew he either landed in the bottom or was actually eliminated. I normally do everything I can to avoid spoilers, but that was one chance I didn’t want to miss.

OK, this blog isn’t about me, so back to it (sorry about that). In a special double elimination, host Steve Jones got down to business right after Kelly Clarkson’s opening performance. He pulled Lakoda Rayne and Drew to the stage and teased us with “which one of these acts will go home?” Um, really? As if it wasn’t 100 percent obvious. The first act going home was based on the absolute lowest number of votes. And it was obvious that it had to be Lakoda Rayne. And it was. So they’re sent packing right away.

I was happy when one of the members of Lakoda Raybe barked at Steve after yet another sample of his horrible hosting. He actually said to them said “the dream is over.” Who says that? “The dream is NOT over,” she said. Good for her. Steve, I wish we were sending you home.

After Bruno Mars took the stage, Steven brings back the remaining acts and starts releasing them to safety. In random order, he relieves Chis Rene, Rachel Crow, Josh Krajcik, Melanie Amaro and Astro to join Drew in the safe zone.

So that leaves Marcus Canty and Leroy Bell to battle it out for the final safe spot.

Marcus took the stage first and delivered an emotional and strong performance. He was really connected with the song and you could see the emotion in his eyes.

Leroy gave us another soulful and smooth number. And it was as emotional and well-sung as Marcus. I honestly couldn’t choose between the two based on their performances. Both were equally good and both are equally deserving to be on the show.

The judges came to a deadlock when L.A. and Simon voted to send home Leroy while Nicole and Paula chose to kick Marcus to the curb. So for the first time, we get to know who actually got the least amount of votes (well, in this case, the second least amount of votes since we already knew Lakoda Rayne got the least).

Steve reveals that Leroy Bell had the least amount of votes and would be leaving the competition.

And now some afterthoughts:

Can the mentors voting on one of their acts just spit out their decision? It’s obvious that a mentor is NEVER going to send home one of his or her own. Quit wasting our time and quit making Steve press you to shut up because that just makes me hate him more.

Also, I liked Leroy a lot. And I Lakoda Rayne was growing on me. But I do think I liked Marcus more. So while I’m disappointed with the results, I guess it could’ve been worse.

What are your thoughts? Did America make the right decisions?



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