It was Michael Jackson week on “The X Factor” and could the Jackson kids have been  more bored? Every time the camera (stupidly) focused on Prince, Paris and Blanket, they looked extremely bored and/or confused. Of course the last thing I want to do is get into the psychology of Michael Jackson’s children so I’ll leave it at that.

Aside from the Jacksons, we also had the typical L.A Reid/Simon and Nicole/Simon bickering. I really wish they’d all just shut up. L.A. and Nicole picking on Drew just to annoy Simon is really getting ridiculous and insulting to everyone.

And aside from all that, the performances were somewhat lackluster. As always, I’ll recap each performance and assign grades in four categories.

In order of performance:

Josh Krajcik, “Dirty Diana.” Could this song choice have been more predictable? I knew  he’d sing that song. Overall he sounded decent, but he definitely seemed out of his comfort zone. He didn’t even seem to want to be on stage and it kind of made its way through some of the vocals. He’s a great showman, but this wasn’t one of his best efforts.

Style: C Stage Presence: C Song Choice: B- Vocals: A- Average: C+

Astro, “Black or White.” OK. I’m officially tired of Astro completely stripping down a great song and throwing in his own rap lyrics to what’s left of said great song. And I know I’m going to sound like a 65-year-old grandmother from the 80′s, but I can’t understand ANYTHING he’s saying. Like ever. His voice is just too immature to work that way. Unlike Eminem or even his fellow contestant Chris Rene, Astro’s lyrics are just hard to follow. So that coupled with his obvious bad attitude probably means it’s time for him to go.

Style: C Stage Presence: B Song Choice: A Vocals: D- Average: C+

Drew, “Billie Jean.” It was more of the same for Drew this week, but I’m OK with that. I don’t understand why the other judges are always criticizing Drew and Simon by saying she needs to do something younger and upbeat. What’s wrong with doing what you do best? Especially if your best is as good as Drew’s? I would like to hear her do something upbeat but I won’t be upset if she doesn’t.

Style: A Stage Presence: B- Song Choice: A Vocals: A+ Average: A

Rachel Crow, “Can You Feel It.” This performance wasn’t good or bad. It just kind of was. This was an overall “B” performance if there ever was one. I think she probably would’ve been better suited with a Jackson 5 song instead of The Jacksons, but whatever. It just wasn’t one of Rachel’s best. And this was a crucial week. Hopefully her youth and cuteness will keep the votes coming in for her.

Style: B Stage Presence: B Song Choice: B Vocals: B Average: B

Marcus Canty, “P.Y.T.” It was a very smart move on L.A. Reid’s part to talk Marcus into sexing up his act. After landing in the bottom last week, his goody-goody church boy persona just wasn’t cutting it. The ladies (and some of the guys) prefer their boys a little on the bad side. So showing some muscle and throwing in some sexy backup dancers was a good move. Unfortunately, Marcus’ vocals weren’t top notch. Maybe that kick-ass backflip will help save him. He is the best overall performer on the show so I hope he can somehow escape the next double elimination. But that’s doubtful.

Style: A+ Stage Presence: A+ Song Choice: A+ Vocals: C- Average: A-

Chris Rene, “I’ll Be There.” I was completely expecting Chris to pull out “Man in The Mirror” but he didn’t (surprisingly no one did). It just would’ve been too cliche for a former drug addict to sing that. So smart move. His version of “I’ll Be There” was definitely Fugees-ish like Simon compared. What I really love about Chris is he takes a song and WEAVES himself into it. He doesn’t completely tear it apart and leave it nearly unrecognizable like Astro. That is why Chris has an edge on the younger rapper.

Style: A+ Stage Presence: A Song Choice: A Vocals: A Average: A

Melanie Amaro, “What About Us.” In what I think was the best performance of the season, this little to say about it. Because it was that good. It was powerful but completely effortless. It makes me still think about how close she was to not being on the show. I’ll say it a hundredth time: Simon made a smart move putting her back in. Oh and after her style flop last week, she looked amazing this week.

Style: A+ Stage Presence: A+ Song Choice: A+ Vocals: A+ Average A+

So I think it’s safe to say Melanie and Drew and probably Rachel are safe. But with three people at risk and two going home, it’s hard to say who the others will be. It’s probably a safe bet that Marcus will be in the bottom and likely will go home. But who will join him? Astro? Chris Rene? Josh Krajcik? Ack. I don’t like those last two possibilities. I actually don’t like the thought of Marcus going home either. It’s going to be tough from here on out.

What are your thoughts? Who’d you love Wednesday night? Who’s going home Thursday?

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