It’s show time tonight for the XFactor 2011 Top 5 singers. Melanie, Marcus, Rachel, Josh, and Chris will hit the stage twice tonight to sing songs you helped select by voting last week. We still don’t know for sure what they’ll be performing but that’s all about to be revealed.

It looks like we’re back to a single elimination this week, so the lowest vote getter will still have a chance to perform for his or her X Factor USA life. New this week is an unofficial poll that you can vote in at the bottom of the post to let other readers know who you thought was this week’s best performer.

Check out each performer’s song and voting phone number below. Need a refresher on how to vote for X Factor?

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XFactor 2011 Top 5 Performances:

  • Melanie Amaro – Someone Like You – 1-855-843-9301
  • Marcus Canty – Ain’t Nobody – 1-855-843-9302
  • Rachel Crow – Nothing On You – 1-855-843-9303
  • Josh Krajcik – We Found Love – 1-855-843-9304
  • Chris Rene – Live Your Life – 1-855-843-9305

Steve Jones announces the singers won’t be performing the songs as voted by viewers until next week. Instead the performers had just one night to prepare what would have been their Save-Me songs.

  • Melanie Amaro – When You Believe – 1-855-843-9301
  • Marcus Canty – A Song For You – 1-855-843-9302
  • Rachel Crow – Music & Me – 1-855-843-9303
  • Josh Krajcik – Something – 1-855-843-9304
  • Chris Rene – [Original by Chris] – 1-855-843-9305

Which performance was your favorite of the night?

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