Sorry Drew fans, Paula and Nicole were still alive on Wednesday night’s “X Factor.”

At first I was excited that the show opened with a recap of last week’s drama, including this quote from Simon: “If they want a war, they’re going to get a war.” But in typical Simon fashion, he didn’t play their games. He stuck what he does best and that’s being honest. He was critical when he needed to be and he issued praise when someone deserved it. He’s never arbitrary. The other three judges really should take a lesson.

OK, I’m tired of talking about the judges and their stupidity. Here’s to hoping next season they drop the mentor business and work on making us not hate the show.

This week, I’m recapping each performance as usual, but since there are two performances each, I’m only going to issue an average grade for each. That would just be too much math. Sheesh.

ROUND ONE: Dance songs

Melanie Amaro,” Someone Like You.” What an interesting remix of the current hit by Adele. I thought Melanie handled it very well and did the song justice. It was a risky choice on more than one way, but it paid off. It actually works as a dance song. A+

Marcus Canty, “Ain’t Nobody.” For the second week, Marcus  is trying to shed the church boy image and replace it with sex, but it still isn’t working. He’s a great performer and this performance was actually pretty decent. But the stage show and his wardrobe were a  little weird after the image he’s painted of himself. B+

Rachel Crow, “Nothing On You.” She’s kind of losing her luster if you ask me. This performance was kind of windy and mumbly. It was a good song choice for her, however, but she didn’t quite deliver. I’m sure America still thinks she’s cute as a button though, so she’s going to be safe. B-

Josh Krajcik, “We Found Love.” Rihanna? Really? Who knew? It actually wasn’t as awkward as I thought it was going to be. I actually kind of liked it. It definitely showed his versatility. Surprisingly well-done. A-

Chris Rene, “Live Your Life.” This wasn’t Chris’ best vocal ever, but he showed a lot of energy and made the performance fun. It’s a good thing there’s another song to sing. B

ROUND 2: Songs of their choice (after some glitch the show failed to explain to us properly)

Melanie Amaro, “When You Believe.” First of all, she looked great. Secondly, she sounded amazing. Of course it was  a bit predictable for her but still great. But then she goes all off into left field AGAIN with some weird speech that where she rambles on and takes time away from the clock and makes me feel really uncomfortable. I mean, are these strokes she’s having when this happens? What is it? A

Marcus Canty, “A Song For You.” He showed great emotion with this song. I thought it was another solid performance from him, but I think America might think it was a bit boring. Voters don’t seem to be in love with him. so it may have been a bad song choice. B+

Rachel Crow, “Music  & Me.” Zzzzzzzzzzzzz. I’m sorry. I want to like her. My mom likes her. Everyone likes her. But I can’t. I’m bored by her. And I don’t like hearing children sing. I just don’t. B-

Josh Krajcik, “Something.” This was the perfect song for Josh. I thought he nailed it. His heart and his soul were showing during this one. I think it was one of his best. A+

Chris Rene, “Where Do We Go From Here.” Of course I’m only guessing that was the title since that’s a Chirs Rene original. I’d pick this as the best performance of the night. Sure Melanie had the best vocals of the night, but Chris wins for best performance. It was just him and his music. And seeing him with a guitar makes him even more legit. When he does his own music, he really shines. Skip the rest of the show and sign him to a label now. He’s ready. A+

I think it’s safe to say that Marcus will be the one mostly likely to go home this week. But who will he share that bottom two spot with? Josh? Rachel?

What did you think of the night’s performances? Who’s at risk this week?

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