It was all up to America on Thursday night’s X Factor, and if you ask me, the right decision was made.

There were no save me songs, no judges’ bickering, no cop-outs, no dumb decisions. Just pure numbers. And that’s the way I like it. So who got the least amount of votes and was sent pack? Keep reading. I’ll do this recap chronologically to avoid some whiner crying “spoiler!” on Facebook. To whom I’d say “It’s not my fault you can’t catch up to your DVR until well after the West Coast viewing!”

So the show opens with the final four performance. And I had to chuckle at Josh Krajcik just standing there while the other three were really getting into their version of “No Diggity.” It really came off as one of those “One of these things is not like the other” moments. He was so not into it.

Next we get a weird (as if there are any other kinds) performance from Florence and the Machine. Then, finally,35 minutes in, it’s time for some results. NO wait! It’s actually time for more filler about the contestants that we’ve seen 100 times already. Psyche!

Now it’s finally, finally time. RoboSteve is ready for some results. He points out that he’s announcing these results in completely random order so stop speculating who had the second least amount of votes.

First to safety is Chris Rene. No surprise there after the “Chris Rene” audience chants last night. America is love with this guy and I won’t be surprised if he takes the crown next week. Melanie Amaro is the second one sent to safety. Simon’s losing streak is finally on hold.

That’s all we get for now. Instead we have to suffer through a performance by Nicole Scherzinger (because she’s SO popular with America at the moment). I decided t keep an open mind during her song and give her an honest, unbiased review. So here it goes: I think she’s completely boring and generic. If you squint, she looks like a Kardashian. And her vocals are so trained and forced. I’ve heard better performances from Miss America contestants who literally ONLY know that one song for the pageant. Bah. Gah.

Steve’s back and as usual, he’s left all his emotion in the dressing room. He calls out Josh and Marcus again and is ready to deliver the final results. Marcus finally spends his nine lives and is sent out the door. Of course the next several moments we have Steve feeding him the mic asking “are you OK?’ “are you OK?” hoping to make him cry or something. Steve, you suck.

So the three finalists are Chris Rene, Melanie Amaro and Josh Krajcik. Who do you think will win the $5 million contract next week?

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