During Wednesday night’s semi-finals of “The X Factor” we got to hear two rounds of songs from the Top 4. Round one songs came from America’s votes and America gets an F. Round two songs were much better, thankfully.

As always, I’ll review each performance and assign a letter grade based on my personal opinion.


In order of performance:

Marcus Canty, “I’ll Make Love To You.” Really, America? This song for the church boy? I guess it works if we pretend he’s about 10 years older and singing to his wife as they plan to conceive a child. Otherwise, not so much. Aside from the bad song choice, the staging was hideous. Were those really dancers flailing around on stage in nighties? Weird. And Marcus did not even give a great vocal. Bad all around. F

Chris Rene, “Fly.” What is this, 1997? Another terrible song choice, America. This song is so not Chris and it showed. What possessed voters to think so? He’s not the world’s best singer, but he’s normally given the chance to put his spin on it and pour his heart into it. This song did not lend itself to any of that. It just ended up sounding like the end of a Valtrex commercial when everyone’s dancing because their genital herpes finally cleared up. C-

Melanie Amaro, ” Hero.” Now we’ve jumped even further back to 1993. I’m not saying this is a bad song, but it’s kind of an over-done song. And pretty predictable for Melanie. It just ended up being a bit boring. She sang it well because that’s what she does. But it’s definitely nothing to write home about. B+

Josh Krajcik, “Come Together.” Finally a decent song choice. This one was right up Josh’s alley and he handled it wonderfully. The arrangement was a little heavier to suit Josh’s taste and that turned out well. Of course I refuse to give any credit to his mentor Nicole Scherzinger, so I’m giving it all to Josh. Well-done. A


Marcus Canty, “Careless Whisper.” Round two was a lot better for Marcus. So I was surprised to hear Simon Cowell think it was worse. Anyway, I liked that it was more upbeat and fun. He showed a lot of energy. Still not the best vocals, but definitely better than round one. B+

Chris Rene, “No One.” It was great to see Chris sitting at a piano. It’s great to be reminded at what a natural he is at this. It’s in his blood. And I like that he’s still a little rough around the edges. Part of being an artist is growing and evolving. He’ll get better. Overall, it was a solid and real performance. He does have a great spirit, like Paula or Nicole said. Those two idiots are starting to run together when they speak. A

Melanie Amaro, “Feeling Good.” Well, we almost made it an entire season without hearing an American Idol staple. That song has been done SO many times it should garner a default F grade. But I can’t do it. She sang it well. And the arrangement was just different enough to feel a little fresh. I never thought that was possible after the hundreds of times it’s been done on Idol. A

Josh Krajcik, “Hallelujah.” Speaking of overkill, I’m so tired of hearing singing competition contestants desperately sing this song to cause some false emotion. Ugh. We all  know it’s Simon’s favorite song of all-time. Blah blah. I’m almost annoyed enough to let the song effect my grading, but I’m not going to do that. Josh sang it too well to do that. A+

Surely it’s Marcus’ time to go, right? It’s all up to America, thankfully. Who do you think will make it into the finals?



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