XFactor 2011 Top 4

The X Factor is back tonight as the competition presses on to its big finale show next week. We’ve still got four competitors left in the race and one of them will walk away with a $5 million recording contract. That’s pretty massive.

Melanie, Marcus, Josh, and Chris will each take the stage twice tonight to perform songs during the 90 minute show starting at 8PM. This time around they’ll be performing the “Pepsi Challenge” songs as voted by the viewers. Let’s hope no one screwed anything up this week and those songs actually happen.

Now that Rachel has been eliminated there’s just one female vocalist left, but can Melanie buck the American Idol “girls can’t win” curse and take home the X Factor prize? Unless something crazy happens I think that’s exactly what will happen.

Which of the X Factor Top 4 singers are you most excited to hear perform tonight?

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