X Factor 2011 Marcus Canty

It’s down to the last week on XFactor 2011 and tonight we’ll find out who goes home and who goes on to the Top 3 for the inaugural season.

Last night featured double performances from each singer and some were better than others. At this point, looking out our unofficial poll, the race may be coming down to Josh and Melanie though I still expect Melanie to win it all. If Chris and Marcus fall in the Bottom 2 then surely it has to be the end of the road for the man with nine lives, right?

One interesting twist for tonight will be the end of judges’ voting. According to the show last night, only America’s vote will count. Sorry, Nicole, no way for you to choke on your role this time around. Oh wait, there is. Nicole will be performing. I presume that means she’ll be singing, but maybe we’ll luck out and she’s doing that thing where they fill up crystal glasses with just the right amount of water and she makes them resonate to the tune of a song. No, no, nevermind. Here it is. Yes, she’ll be singing.

“I am performing [Thursday] on ‘X Factor,’” Nicole said. “I’m really excited. It’s a brand new flipping song. No one’s ever heard it. I just did it. It’s like, literally hot.”

A song from Nicole that no one has ever heard? Well that doesn’t exactly narrow it down. It could be anything she’s ever done! And no, it’s not “literally hot.”

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