“The X Factor” Top 11 took on songs from obscure unpopular movies and if I can get past the terrible styling I might be able to write a recap.

I normally wouldn’t let contestant styling even play into a recap, but as I’ve said before, this show is about much more than just singing. And that being said, who is styling these people?

Aside from the bad wardrobes, I’m also kind of tiring of Simon Cowell and L.A. Reid’s “feud.” Is it real or is it fake? I don’t even care I just want it to stop. It takes up too much time and it’s pretty unfair for some of the contestants. Someone as talented as Melanie Amaro doesn’t deserve nit-picky criticism from L.A. just because Simon is her mentor.

On to the task at hand. Like last week, I’ll review each performance and assign each one grades in four different categories. In order of performance:

Stacy Francis, “Queen of the Night” from “The Body Guard.” Bring back her bangs! I hate to sound like a complete jerk, but did anyone else see that forehead? I wish I could sound less jerky by praising her performance but I can’t. I thought it was SO bad. Stacy is so not a pop singer and it showed. She over sang and did so badly. By far this was her worst performance to date. Style: D- Song Choice: F Stage Presence: C Vocals: C- Average: D

Marcus Canty, “I’m Going Down” from “Car Wash.” He was soulful and classic and even with this performance stripped down and simple, he shined. He lights up the stage. So with that presence and that voice, the stage is clearly where he belongs. Style: C+ Stage Presence: A+ Song Choice: A Vocals: A+ Average: A

Drew, “Fix You” from You, Me and Dupree.” First of all, I’ve never heard of this song and I’ve barely heard of the movie. But whatever. Drew was phenomenal. She’s so relevant and sweet. She should stick to singing instead of designing clothes, but whatever. Her voice is what will make her a star. Style: F Stage Presence: B- Song Choice: A+ Vocals: A+ Average: B+

LeRoy Bell, “I Still Haven’t Found” from “Runway Bride.” LeRoy’s performance was kind of boring for me, but his vocals were spot-on and his tone was as rich as always. And I still can’t believe he’s a grandfather. He looks fantastic for 60. Style: A Stage Presence: B Song Choice: A Vocals: A Average: A-

Lakoda Rayne, “Somebody Like You” From “How To Lose a Guy in 10 Days.” The song was cheesy but it actually worked for them. I think they sound great as a country group (with pop tendencies). Not only are their harmonies amazing, but their solos were good too. I haven’t thought much of them until this show and, for now at least, I’m a fan. Style: A Stage Presence: A Song Choice: B Vocals: A Average: A-

Astro, “Lose Yourself” from “8 Mile.” OK, so it’s really just a sample of “Lose Yourself” with Astro’s lyrics. And I must say, I’m pretty impressed by that. This kid is for real. He’s serious. I still think he sounds like a kid rapping so it might take me about two years to be able to appreciate him fully. But right now we definitely has my respect. Style: A Stage Presence: A Song Choice: A Vocals: C Average: B+

Melanie Amaro, “The Man in The Mirror” from “This Is It.” Melanie just has something about her that makes me smile. Sure her voice is AMAZING, but there’s just something else that does it. She has this positive energy or something. Her vocals, as usual, were flawless. And I think she has the best stylist of anyone on the show. She always looks fantastic. Style: A+ Stage Presence: A+ Song Choice: A Vocals: A+ Average: A+

The Stereo Hogzz, “Ain’t No Other Man” from “Get Smart.” The fact that a group of five men needs back-up singers should tell you something. And that’s that there are four too many people in this group. The lead singer should be a solo act and it shows. He’s the only one of them who can sing. When they all sing together it just sound messy. They look good on stage, but that’s about it. Style: A Stage Presence: A Song Choice: D+ Vocals: C- Average: B-

Josh Krajcik, “With a Little Help From My Friends” from “Across the Universe.” I’m a fan of both The Beatles’ and Joe Cocker’s versions of this song. But not Josh Krajcik’s version. I thought it was a HORRIBLE arrangement, especially the weird beginning. And we know Josh can sing, so why wasn’t he singing? All I heard was screaming. Of course the screaming was pitch-perfect but still. Sure Cocker does some shouting in his version of the song, but he also actually sings some lyrics too. I was pretty disappointed. Style: B- Stage Presence: B- Song Choice: A Vocals: C+ Average: B-

Chris Rene, “Gangsta’s Paradise” from “Dangerous Minds.” Like Astro, Chris’ own lyrics were used in his version and it made for a pretty good performance. Chris was definitely back in the zone. And I have to say, he did it a little better than Astro for one big reason: Chris can sing on top of rapping. Actually, his singing voice is quite nice. Style: B+ Stage Presence: A Song Choice: A Vocals: A- Average: A-

Rachel Crow: “I’d Rather Go Blind” from “Cadillac Records.” Everyone was right. This is the kind of song Rachel does best on. Her voice, with a song like this, is very mature. And that ends up looking kind of awkward coming out of a teenager dressed like a toddler. That’s why I think she’s probably better suited as an actress right now. She can be a singer in two or three years when she’s matured completely. Or she can at least get some proper styling. Style: C- Stage Presence: C Song Choice: A Vocals: A- Average: B-

So unless you’re busy plotting my death for not liking Stacy or Rachel, tell me what you thought about the show. Who’s performance was your favorite? Who’s going home this week?





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