X Factor 2011

In what became a battle of bad attitudes on “The X Factor” Thursday night, the third act was sent home.

After a shocking bottom 2 was revealed, we were treated to some of the worst attitudes in music competition show history. Stacy Francis and Astro (instead of Lakoda Rayne and Leroy Bell) received the least amount of votes from America and they both let us know they weren’t pleased.

Of course it was really Astro who really let his true colors (and age) shine. Stacy Francis has never actually smiled before, so her attitude Thursday was nothing new.

Astro, who I’ve been saying is too young for weeks, proved me right this week. He actually asked L.A. Reid and the audience if he should perform. As if he was beyond performing for a chance to stay. And later he even said  something along the lines of “why should I sing for people who don’t want me here.”

Sure, it’s more than OK to be upset that you’re in that spot. But have a little dignity and respect. Perhaps he could’ve told himself that America thought he was so good Wednesday night that they thought they didn’t need to vote. That happens and probably actually was the case.

Had he not acted the way he did Thursday, he probably wouldn’t have even landed in the bottom again next week. But now his chances are much greater. Especially after hearing the audience boo him – a 14-year-old boy. And I didn’t blame him. I don’t care if he’s 5, 7, 14 or 30, bad attitudes need to be booed.

Stacy’s attitude was nothing to applaud either. She refused to speak and only cracked a smile when she realized Astro’s attitude was worse and might actually save her from elimination.

In the end, it was actually Astro’s talent that saved him and sent Stacy home. I don’t know if I agree with the judges’ decision just yet. In the heat of it all, I think the brat should’ve been sent home. But then I remember how not good Stacy’s performance was Wednesday night. In my recap, her grades averaged out to a D. That’s not good.

So right now, I can’t even make a call on what the outcome should or shouldn’t have been.

I had planned to lead my recap with the surprising news that Lakoda Rayne didn’t even land in the bottom 2. And that Leroy Bell, whom I predicted would join them, escaped unscathed as well.

And the producers clearly knew they were the ones most expected to be in the bottom since they sent them to safety first. I’m pretty happy about that.

When it came time for Astro and Stacy to perform “for their lives,” it was Stacy who probably won that battle. Singing “Amazing Grace” was kind of a weird choice, but she did it pretty well. Astro (I can’t even remember his song) completely phoned his performance in. He even scratched his forehead during it.

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