I’m really not sure which part of “The X Factor” I dislike more. Host Steve Jones’ HORRIBLE attitude and hosting abilities or the judges’ bickering interfering with the show.

Seriously, if Steve lasts more than one season as host, I’ll be shocked. And can someone please reformat this show before the judges ruin it? I’m so annoyed at hearing the judges bicker and then cut down good contestants just to get to their fellow judges. L.A. and Nicole are the worst. Simon does it to an extent but most of what he complains about is true. I can’t stand it. The only one not guilty of this is Paula.

OK, let’s get down to it. It was rock night and while almost none of the contestants embraced the genre there were still some pretty decent performances. As always, I’ll review each performance and assign each one grades in four different categories. In order of performance:

Leroy Bell, “We’ve Got Tonight.” This was a great song for Leroy. I’m not sure, but it sounded like he may have flubbed some of the lyrics. At any rate, he just kind of seemed absent during the performance. He sounded as good as always, but there was just something off. Style: A Stage Presence: C Song Choice: A Vocals: A Average: B+

Rachel Crow, “Satisfaction.” Rachel handled the song well. Actually, much better than I had expected. She also had a lot of energy and made the performance fun. I’ll never get past her being so young and I’m starting to sound like a broken record with that. So I’ll try to stop mentioning it. Style: C Stage Presence: A+ Song Choice: B Vocals: A Average: B+

Chris Rene, “No Woman, No Cry.” This was a rock song? Not really, but that’s OK, because Chris turned it out. I think it’s his best performance since his audition with “Young Homey.” Style: A Stage Presence: A+ Song Choice: B- Vocals: A+ Average: A

Stacy Francis, “It’s All Coming Back To Me.” I just want to scream “Stop trying so hard!!!” every time she performs. Just sing, Stacy! Stop trying to force your way into divadom. This was by far her worst performance. What was with that new weird vibrato? It was so so bad. All of it. And black leather gloves with a white sequined cocktail dress? I just don’t understand what she’s doing wrong. We’ve heard her sing well. She must just be that she is trying too hard and losing track. And standing on  the stage with a sourpuss face is no way to get votes. Bad stage presence. Style: D Stage Presence: F Song Choice: C Vocals:Average: D

Melanie Amaro, “Everybody Hurts.” It was good to hear Melanie without all the unnecessary production. And even though it was basic and stripped down, it was still one of the most powerful performances of the night. She’s just got it. Style: A Stage Presence: A+ Song Choice: A Vocals: A

Josh Krajcik,”The Pretender.” I like Josh. And I like the Foo Fighters. But I did not like this performance. It sounds like I might be the only one. But I like Josh when you can actually hear him sing. Sure it’s good to just thrash out to a hard rock song, but most of those singers aren’t really great vocalists like Josh. I just thought he kind of wasted his talent. Style: C- Stage Presence: A Song Choice: C Vocals: B- Average: C+

Astro, “Every Breath You Take”/Astro hybrid. I still don’t know how I feel about him changing 90 percent of the lyrics to every song he does, but whatever. It works. Astro is incredibly talented. Like Rachel, I still wish he sounded as mature as he acts. And L.A. Reid, his performance might have been one of the best, but it was also the one that was the LEAST rock. It was not rock at all. Sure that song was once a rock song. But not the one he sampled from. Style: A Stage Presence: A Song Choice: B- Vocals: A Average: A

Lakoda Rayne, “Your Love/ Go Your Own Way.” Their performance was fun, energetic and well-sung. I like this group and hate to see them go. Because that’s probably what’s going to happen, depending who else lands in the bottom two with them. Which is pretty much inevitable. Style: B Stage Presence: B Song Choice: B Vocals: A Average: B

Drew, “With Or Without You.” While I really hate to agree with L.A., Drew is kind of sounding the same every week. But is that really a bad thing? Is there something so wrong with sticking to your style or genre? Anyway, her performance of the U2 hit was a good one. She sounded as great as always and actually looked better this week. So far, her styling has been more miss than hit, but this time it improved. As did her stage presence. It was good to see her without the awkward dance moves. Style: B Stage Presence: B+ Song Choice: A+ Vocals: A+ Average: A-

Marcus Canty, “Piece of My Heart.” Marcus was one of only two to actually truly embrace the genre and he did it very well. I was completely surprised at how much I liked it. And at how natural it was. I thought it would be odd hearing him sing Janis Joplin, but it worked. I think it was the best of the night, actually. Style: A Stage Presence: A+ Song Choice: A Vocals: A+ Average: A+

It’s probably a given that Lakoda Rayne will be in the bottom two, but will they go home? I think there’s a chance the judges might keep them if they’re in the bottom with Leroy Bell. I think that might be their only hope.

What are your thoughts? Who were your favorites? Who’s going home?



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