X Factor 2011 Top 10 - Astro crying

XFactor 2011 results are upon us! The Top 10 will see one act cut and sent home leaving us with the season’s Top 9 performers. Join us on Facebook for more news!

Before we get to results we’ll have Rihanna here to perform “We Found Love.”

Here’s how it will work tonight: the bottom two vote-earning acts will face off in a song-duel where the judges will decide who stays and who goes. If the judges can’t decide (read: 2-2 vote) then the lowest vote earner will be sent home automatically.

X Factor 2011 Results – Top 10 Elimination – Bottom 2:

  • Astro
  • Stacy Francis

Wow! I’m really surprised Astro is in the Bottom 2, but Stacy seems fitting considering the majority of reactions to her performance last night. Were you surprised?

Both Astro and Stacy will perform and then the judges will decide who to send home. Survival-song unheard, they’re going to boot Stacy, right?

Astro performs second and insists he shouldn’t even have to perform to stay in the competition. After consulting with LA he decides to rap a little. Wow. I wonder how that ego shaped like an anchor is going to help his votes next week.

XFactor 2011 Results – Top 10 Elimination – Judges’ Votes:

  • LA: send home Stacy – LA digs in to Astro’s bad attitude
  • Nicole: send home Astro
  • Paula: send home Stacy
  • Simon: send home Stacy

Damn. Astro might be 14 15, but he acts like he’s 2. When Simon told Astro he had a terrible attitude and was being disrespectful to the show and audience, Astro told Simon that he doesn’t want to perform for an audience that puts him in the Bottom 2. Is it too early to predict Astro in the Bottom 2 again next week for that temper tantrum?

X Factor 2011 Results – Top 10 Elimination – Sent Home:

  • Stacy Francis

Did America and the judges get the vote right this week?

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