LA Reid on X Factor

X Factor 2011 held steady this past week in its ratings and even managed a modest 3% climb for its key 18-49 demographic. TV by the Numbers reported a steady Wednesday night, Boot Camp part 1, with 11.9 million viewers, and then a dip the next night, Boot Camp part 2, with 11.6 million viewers. That’s surprising considering the big results reveal for who was getting in to the season’s Top 32 finalists. Perhaps stronger competition for the other networks on Thursday nights was the culprit.

Wednesday night’s ratings were a small climb for the overall viewers from last week and Thursday had its own demographic victory. Overall the X Factor ratings continue to be a little lackluster and surprising considering the marketing push by FOX.

We’re still weeks away from the live performance shows so there’s still time before we find out how the series can really compete with the likes of American Idol.

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