She might be the only contestant to ever be eliminated from a singing competition show and win it as well.

Melanie Amaro walked away with the title of X Factor 2011 Champion and a $5 million dollar contract Thursday night. Oh, and there’s also that Pepsi commercial. Not many surprises there. America was sure to get behind their favorite judge Simon Cowell’s only remaining contestant. Oh, and there’s that whole thing where she was the best singer in the competition.

I must say I was a bit surprised to see Chris Rene go out in third place. But with this Top 3, anything was possible. It could’ve easily been Josh Krajcik or Chris in that No. 1 spot with Melanie finishing second or third. They each had some amazing aspect about them that could have landed them in the winner’s circle.

Earlier in the night, the Top 12 acts returned to sing some Lady Gaga. Then we go to hear the Top 3 sing some holiday songs. Did anyone else expect Mariah Carey to jump out of one of those Christmas presents during Melanie’s version of “All I Want For Christmas Is You”?

Chris gave us his version of “Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas” and I kept saying to myself, “Quick Chris, get to the part where you rap.” A crooner, you are not, sir. But that magical spark in your personality is always there, so it’s all good.

Josh’s version of “Please Come Home For Christmas” was probably the best of the three. It sounded better than half the Christmas songs I hear on the radio from Thanksgiving day until Dec. 26 or after.

After all that, Steve says we get to find out who made it in the third place spot. I thought that was odd. That person still has 25 minutes to suffer through this too-long-already show. Gah. And that title went to Chris.

Then we get some more filler performances and it’s finally back down to business.

Melanie or Josh? Simon or Nicole? Like we already know, it was Melanie. Steve tries what most shows don’t try to do to the person who just won and that’s ask stupid questions. Melanie blurts out a couple words and goes back to rejoicing in the fact that she just won $5 million dollars.

What are your thoughts on the outcome of The X Factor 2011?


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