Simon Cowell - X Factor - CR: Ray Mickshaw / FOX.

Simon Cowell is holding tightly to the reins of X Factor and showing his control this week as he announces a change to the planned theme after disappointment in previous shows.

Originally scheduled to perform Madonna and Lady Gaga songs, the Top 10 performers will instead tackle Rock ‘n Roll songs.

Simon explained his change of heart to The Hollywood Reporter:

“I changed my mind,” he said. “What I like about Wednesday’s show was the idea of someone, particularly Astro, using the whole stage without props. And I thought doing Lady Gaga and Madonna could get a bit too choreography-led and also too restrictive for someone like Astro. Rock music gives you a better chance to use the whole stage like we did on the auditions: just you and a huge platform behind you and make it like it’s your first concert.”

We’re just a day away from finding out how the remaining singers and judges take this opportunity and perform. This should be a great theme for the X Factor Top 10 acts!

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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