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August 25, 2010

Simon Bans AutoTune On X Factor After Scandal

X Factor US won’t start up for another entire year, but there’s already plenty of drama on X Factor UK with a scandal regarding AutoTune, the voice correcting software. Apparently production has been manipulating contestants’ voices to both sound better and worse, depending on how they want to influence the competition. Whoa! An insider provided the scoop to Mirror UK:

“It was an open secret on the show that Auto-Tune was used to both make contestants slightly more on key – or off – key. On some occasions it was used to such extremes that while the contestant may have sounded like they were hitting the right note, the backing band had gone right out of tune.

“It has been used for a long time on the show both for the auditions and the live shows.

Since X Factor is Simon Cowell’s baby he immediately arrived on the scene, said he had no idea this was going on, and immediately banned it from future use on the show. Hmm, he’s in charge of the show and had no idea what was going on?

Well let’s hope they clear things up before XFactor hits the US in Fall 2011!

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April 3, 2010

X Factor Coming To The US In Fall 2011

Simon Cowell‘s hit reality series, X-Factor, is finally coming to America.  Get ready for the series when it premieres in Fall 2011!


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