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February 10, 2011

Simon Cowell Raises X Factor Prize Money To 5 Million Dollars

Take that, American Idol! While Idol may promise its winner a million dollars, Simon Cowell is scoffing at them as he is putting some serious money on the line when his new show, X Factor, hits American TVs this fall:

Nothing about the inaugural season of the British import is subtle, from the ominous building-the-beast Super Bowl commercial that had Cowell being assembled from a million little puzzle pieces with the tagline “He’s back,” to the jaw-dropping prize being offered to the [X Factor] winner: $5 million.

It’s the biggest guaranteed prize in TV history, and whoever snags it will also get a recording contract with Cowell’s Syco label, a joint venture with Sony Music.

Whoa! 5 million dollars? For a talent show? Have I mentioned my talent of being able to spend 5 million dollars really fast? Because I’d be incredibly good at that.

Source: MTV News

January 10, 2011

X Factor US Rumor: Will Smith Signs On As Judge

Whoa, this rumor came out of nowhere! Mirror UK is claiming that Simon Cowell has landed a major judge for his X Factor US show with Will Smith joining him at the judges table.

Previous news has indicated Simon’s UK co-judge, Cheryl Cole, has already signed on but this would be an incredible shift in the direction of very popular US celebrities. Considering most Americans would shrug at Cole’s name I’d say anyone more popular over here would be a good choice to draw in more viewers.

Also of note is that Mirror UK claims Smith to be judge #3 of 4 which leaves one spot open. Considering how well a 4-judge panel worked on last season of American Idol (read: not well) I’d expect him to stick to his magic formula of 3 for X Factor. 4 judges could just be another rumor.

Of course the bigger topic here is whether or not that Will Smith on X Factor rumor could be true. Quite honestly, I’d be shocked if this were true. Considering Smith pulls over $20 million per movie, imagine just how expensive he’d be to hire for an entire season of the show. Not only that but Will Smith is a bigger name than Simon Cowell, so who would believe that Mr. Ego would be willing to share the spotlight on premiere night of his big, new show? Yeah, me neither…

January 8, 2011

Pepsi Becomes Official Drink of X Factor

Pepsi X Factor

You might be used to seeing Simon Cowell taking a drink from those red Coca-Cola cups on American Idol, but just as Simon is changing shows he’s also changing his cola of choice:

The days of seeing Simon Cowell at the American Idol judges table sitting behind a large Coke glass are really gone. Fox has announced Pepsi as the official beverage sponsor of The X Factor. “The comprehensive sponsorship of The X Factor by Pepsi includes an extensive, multi-platform off-air marketing partnership; weekly in-show integrations and placements; and an immersive content experience online.

Pepsi will be the exclusive beverage sponsor of The X Factor both on and off-air,” the release says

I’ve been in the Pepsi camp all my days, so no problems here for me. I am curious to see how Pepsi makes themselves as noticeable as those iconic curvy red cups like Coke uses on Idol.

Source: EW

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December 28, 2010

New X Factor US Commercials Air On FOX

There are brand new X Factor US commercials on the airwaves following the very first preview. Of course they are just teaser commercials without any real details, but it’s still fun to see. Check them out below.

The wait until Fall 2011 for the premiere of X Factor is going to be a brutal and long one, but at least we’ve got American Idol to keep us busy!

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December 13, 2010

X Factor UK Breaks Rating Records Ahead Of US Debut

Perhaps in a very good sign for the upcoming premiere of the US X Factor, the original UK series broke an impressive ratings record on its season finale last night:

A record audience of nearly 20 million British viewers flocked to the “X Factor’s” Sunday night finale, which awarded a 1 million-pound ($1.6 million) recording contract to painter Matt Cardle, heretofore unknown beyond his immediate circle of friends.

The British experience suggests the headline-grabbing, rags-to-riches show may be a smash in the United States when it debuts next year, even if it’s got some strong similarities to the popular but waning “American Idol.”

$1.6 million for prize money?! That’s a lot of money to give to the winner and considering the budget is supposed to be even bigger here in America I’m wondering how much they’ll get here. Maybe they’ll just make it a record contract instead and put the rest of that change right back in Simon’s pocket!

Source: AP

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