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May 26, 2011

Was Cheryl Cole Fired From X Factor USA?

Yesterday the rumors started to swirl that Cheryl Cole, the former UK X Factor judge who was transplanted to America for the new X Factor USA season, had been fired from her new job. Of course those rumors were coming from a certain celebrity gossip organization that shall not be named but starts with “T” and ends with “Z” which meant I’d ignore everything they said. But here’s the thing, FOX has made no rebuttal of the rumors and even THR is reporting:

Now it seem that Cowell has lost his battle to keep Cheryl, with Fox bosses taking the view, according to reports, that her strong North Eastern British accent is problematic. Other reports cite a lack of chemistry with Paula Abdul, homesickness and the fact that she hasn’t been up to the mark in the glamor stakes as reasons she may have been ditched.

I’m going to be very, very disappointed if this is true. Especially if the follow-on news is true that co-host Nicole Scherzinger will be taking over. I had never heard her name before she was picked up as a co-host, but the stories of her attitude aren’t very endearing.

Until FOX confirms the news either way I’m going to hold out hope. Cole was a big favorite as a judge on the UK version and I was thrilled we’d have the chance to get her as part of the USA version.

May 20, 2011

X Factor 2011 In-Depth Commercial Released

Here’s your chance to see more up close details about this fall’s premiere of X Factor 2011. They’ve got clips from auditions, a look at Cheryl Cole and LA Reid, and even some nice shots of Paula’s reunion with Simon. Very exciting!

Now that American Idol is wrapping up are you ready for some X Factor?

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May 17, 2011

Cheryl Cole, LA Reid, and Paula Abdul at FOX Upfronts

FOX paraded out the stars of their shows this week and of course that included their new hosts of X Factor: Cheryl Cole, LA Reid, and Paula Abdul. I’m sure Simon was there somewhere as well, but probably busy promoting his X Factor baby.

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May 12, 2011

Simon Cowell Talks About Early X Factor Auditions

Extra got Simon Cowell to sit down and talk about the LA audition filming for the upcoming season premiere of XFactor. I love how the interview exclaims, “wow!” when Simon says he saw a few standouts during filming. What? Did she think Simon would say, “nah, it was a boring crowd. No one really good in there. You probably shouldn’t either bother tuning in for the first few episodes.”

Simon does go on to explain more on the standouts. He says one was pretty young, 12 or 13, and the other was “older.” Cowell was most impressed by how polished the younger auditioners were, noting they were “12 going on 18.” Ah ah ah, Simon. America has laws about that kind of thing! I kid, I kid. California doesn’t have those kind of laws!

Watch his whole X Factor 2011 interview and see if you’re ready for the new series.

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May 8, 2011

Paula Abdul Closes Deal As X Factor 2011 Judge

X Factor started up its 2011 season filming today but they were still working out contractual details yesterday to get all their judges in place! Whether this was the intention all along or they just ran out of time it worked out well for Paula Abdul because she’s now set to be the 4th judge, reports Deadline.

We’ve seen this coming for a long time now as Simon Cowell always appreciated the attention and drama his former American Idol co-judge brought to the table. Now he’ll be able to use her fandom status to bring over Idol viewers to his new show when X Factor 2011 premieres this fall.

Do you think Simon made the right choice by bringing Paula on board for the new season? I’m curious how she’ll do as a mentor since X Factor isn’t just about judging but also coaching the musical acts through the season. Raise your hand if you’d want to be on Paula’s team.


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