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September 19, 2011

Cheryl Cole Might Be Back On X Factor USA

After just sharing the news that Cheryl Cole would still be part of the X Factor premiere episode there’s been word that she might be back to join the show again. If true, Cole wouldn’t be behind the judges’ table like she used to but instead may have a chance on stage and with the X Factor 2011 contestants.

Simon Cowell’s offered Cheryl a chance to perform on the US X Factor and even be a special guest mentor – and she’s seriously tempted.

The star, who’s already recorded a segment for the US X Factor to explain why she left the show, knows it’d be 
a huge opportunity for her to crack the States.

Shortly after Cheryl arrived in the US, Simon, 51, called her with an offer to perform her debut US single on one of the live shows, in addition to mentoring the contestants alongside him 
for a week.

If true, Cheryl Cole would likely be Simon Cowell’s at-home mentoring partner during the judges’ homes phase where they each work with their team of performers. She’d join the rumored ranks of Rihanna in this role.

I’m not sure if I believe all of this news. I know I’d have a hard time agreeing to come back and perform on a show that kicked me to the curb and left me without a job on either side of the Atlantic. Then again I’m notoriously stubborn while Cole may be more interested in promoting her singing career here than holding on to old grudges.

Source: NOW Magazine

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September 19, 2011

Cheryl Cole To Appear In X Factor USA Premiere

Cheryl Cole might not have lasted long on X Factor USA, but at least she’ll be in the premiere after all. It was widely speculated that Cole, who was replaced by Nicole Scherzinger after just a few days, would be wiped from the X Factor audience’s memory through clever editing, but that appears not to be the case.

Simon Cowell has confirmed that Cheryl, his former UK co-host, will be in the first hour of the show before being replaced in the second hour. What’s uncertain is just how the show will present this decision. Initial rumors had it that Cheryl didn’t get along well with the other judges while others said she was difficult to understand with her accent. I’m wondering if Simon will make a big deal out of it like he’s making some tough decision and bringing the hammer down or if it’ll be a quiet replacement.

In just a few more days we’ll have all those answers, but until then, speculate away.

Source: Entertainment Wise

September 19, 2011

Rihanna Set To Guest Judge X Factor USA 2011

Things looked all set for Mariah Carey to be a guest judge on X Factor 2011, but that all changed when Hurricane Irene wrecked havoc on those plans. Simon Cowell was forced to find someone closer to LA and it looks like he came up with an even bigger star: Rihanna.

The latest X Factor rumor is that chart-topper Rihanna will guest judge on the show’s inaugural U.S. season. According to TMZ, the singer enjoyed her U.K. X Factor finale performance so much, that she — and series creator/star Simon Cowell — wants seconds.

Rihanna’s reps won’t confirm a booking.

Seems like her reps could deny the booking if they wanted, but we’ll know before too long with X Factor USA premiering in just a few more days. Lets hope Rihanna makes the cut so she can add some fresh, young energy to the show.

Source: Hollywood Reporter

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September 18, 2011

X Factor USA To Air In UK

Our friends in the UK will soon get to watch X Factor USA as well. While the USA version is set to premiere on Wednesday, Sept. 21, 2011 the new series for FOX will also be airing internationally starting just one day later.

That’s right, the X Factor USA two-night premiere will air each part one night behind in the UK on ITV2 at 8PM on Thursday and 9PM on Friday. The rest of the US season should follow the same one-day-late schedule.

There will be a lot in common between the two variants but still a few changes. The audition age was lowered, likely to compete with American Idol’s own lowered audition age the other year. But the big difference will be in the prize money. While UK’s X Factor awards 1 million pounds, the USA X Factor will be handing out $5 million, allegedly spread out over 5 years at a million each. Still not too shabby!

Are you ready for the premiere of X Factor?

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September 17, 2011

Simon Predicts Female X Factor USA Winner

“Right now, I’ve got my money on a girl winning the show,” said Simon Cowell in an interview with Yahoo! TV covering the advance premiere of his new X Factor show. Simon also goes on to discuss what kept him from being quite as cruel as we grew to expect on American Idol. Give his interview a watch below and see what you think.

X Factor premieres Wednesday, September 21st at 8PM ET/PT on FOX.

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