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December 12, 2011

X Factor Singers Receive Star Support

The stress of competing on X Factor USA is sure to be intense and who knows better how to handle the pressure of performing than other singing stars? This past week we saw Chris Rene and Marcus Canty both receive a call from legendary Stevie Wonder, but they weren’t the only ones with star support.

Melanie Amaro received a big boost when she heard from her own idol, Mariah Carey:

Mariah responded to Melanie’s tweets with a message of support: “Dear Melanie, you should be very proud of yourself and the beautiful gift you’ve been given. Thank you so much for your incredibly kind and humbling words. Never give up, never let go, no whatter what. xo, MC.”

Melanie immediately replied to her idol and wrote: “Omg God is good!!! Mariah Carey just tweeted me. I’m literally crying, she is my role model and one of the people who inspires me to sing :-) .”

While Rachel Crow may have fallen short of the big win she did receive support from someone who knew how that can feel, Lauren Alaina from American Idol.

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December 9, 2011

X Factor 2011 Top 5 Survival Song: You Be The Judge

X Factor 2011 Top 5 elimination

There’s a lot of debate this morning on the judging, or lack thereof, and its impact on last night’s XFactor elimination. Here’s your chance to do the job Nicole is incapable of doing. Below are the survival songs for Marcus Canty and Rachel Crow in the order of their appearance. Give both another listen and then vote in our poll on which X Factor 2011 singer you would have eliminated based on their performance.

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Marcus Canty performs “I’m Going Down” by Rose Royce and the Pips

Rachel Crow performs “I’d Rather Go Blind” by Etta James

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December 9, 2011

X Factor 2011 Top 5 results show recap: Nicole does it again

Is Nicole Scherzinger trying to get X Factor fans so angry they storm her Malibu home or is she just simply trying to get fired by Simon Cowell?

For the second week in a row, she made a decision that’s sure to be an unpopular one. I mean, the entire audience booing her at the end of the show is no a good sign. At least we know she doesn’t let simple hate mail deter her from her X Factor evil-doing.

Of course this time around, Nicole’s dumb decision can be hidden behind her cowardly act to split the votes, leaving the decision up to America. I’m sorry, but if she couldn’t clearly see who should’ve stayed based on those two save-me performances, then she shouldn’t be getting millions of dollars a year.

There was a clear winner between the bottom two and it was not Marcus Canty.

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December 8, 2011

X Factor 2011 Results: Top 5 Elimination

X Factor 2011 Top 5 elimination

We’re about to find out who will be eliminated tonight from the XFactor Top 5 to make way for the Top 4. Based on your votes in our poll it could be Marcus and Rachel in the Bottom 2 tonight. Let’s see if your votes match up with the rest of America.

X Factor 2011 Results – Top 5 Elimination – Bottom 2:

  • Marcus Canty
  • Rachel Crow

XFactor 2011 Results – Top 5 Elimination – Judges’ Votes:

  • LA sends home: Rachel
  • Nicole sends home: Rachel
  • Paula sends home: Marcus
  • Simon sends home: Marcus

Nicole was a complete mess and couldn’t even form a sentence when forced to make a decision. You can see a camera shot where Paula tells Nicole something and Nicole rolls her eyes up in an “ahah” moment. I’m pretty sure Paula reminded Nicole she could force the deadlock and not have to make the decision herself. Worthless.

X Factor 2011 Top 5 elimination - Nicole

Deadlocked! It falls to America’s votes and the singer going home is…

X Factor 2011 Results – Top 5 Elimination – Sent Home:

  •  Rachel

The crowd boos Nicole when Steve offers her a chance to speak at the end.

Did America and the judges get it right this week? Will Simon fire Nicole?

December 8, 2011

X Factor 2011 Top 5 Elimination Results Tonight

X Factor 2011 Top 5 Josh K

The XFactor returns tonight for another results show, but the pressure is lighter this time around. Instead of the double elimination we’ve seen for the past few weeks there will only be one victim to the vote. By the end of the night we’ll be down to the X Factor’s 2011 Top 4 performers with just two weeks left in the season.

Before we get to the big elimination event there will be two guest performers: Mary J. Blige and Lenny Kravitz. Both of those should make for awesome performances.

While we wait for the big X Factor results you can join us on Facebook and then vote in our unofficial poll on who did the best last night. If your votes here are any indicator, then we could be looking at, surprise, Marcus Canty back in the bottom 2. Would you have expected anything different?


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